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Jay-Z & Timbaland »

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Jay-Z Chat 2 pt.5
by rocafan on 4/08/2006 02:42:00 PM


chrishon12: How did you and Foxy meet up?
Jay-Z:I asked Clark Kent. I had a song that required a female rapper and I asked him about Foxy. He happened to know her and he hooked it up. That song was "Ain't No Nigga" by the way.

bayjean: When did Kanye do that "Impossible" song?

Jay-Z: When he was on tour. No, wait. He recorded the song for Twista.

Tatiana24:Whats the story behind Song Cry? That's one of my favorite songs in the whole world.

Jay-Z: It's a gumbo of different stories

almz_street: Do you and Russell Simmons do yoga together?

Jay-Z: I haven't made it that far as a person yet.Give me a couple of years. LOL

OmarDaOne:Do you ever feel insecure?

Jay-Z: No. I never had problems with insecurity.

jiggamanfan06:What do you prefer: the Phantom or the Maybach?

Jay-Z:The Maybach because of the comfort. You can stretch out. It's like a first class airplane seat.

urb1_online:How did you end up making that deal with "Carol's Daughter"?

Jay-Z:That was through Steve Stoute. He had met the lady who started it out of her kitchen making it in her pots. He asked me if i wanted to be involved. Me, Will Smith, Jada, Tommy Motolla. we all invested in it.

wajihah:How does your mum view your success?

Jay-Z: She's a proud mom. She was happy I could ride a bike when I was 4 years old. You can judge how much she loves me from that. She's just a proud mom.

actionkeisha: Would you open the 40/40 club overseas?

Jay-Z: I actually have a deal to open 3 over in China.

steeldiplomat86: Can you see yourself doing a reality show, similar 2 Dame's? do u plan to?

Jay-Z: No.

C.Friday: When was the last time you actually drove a car by yourself?

Jay-Z: After the Garden I had a meeting the next day and my assistant forgot to call a car. I actually took a cab there, and I had someone meet me with a car and I drove back.

BigAB1789: Do you hate when people ask you about Beyonce? by the way How is she?

Jay-Z: Not when it's clever like that. She's doing fine!

kittycat4503: Will your house ever be on MTV Cribs?

Jay-Z: No reality shows for the kid!

steeldiplomat86: What is the craziest thing a fan has ever done to see or be near u?

Jay-Z: I don't want to give anybody any ideas.

pharell360: Would you have ever thought in the past to be in your position today?

Jay-Z: Not in a zillion years.

janipooh: HOV! I ditched ART to talk to you, but I'm a little late. Do you ever get to spend time with your niece and nephews?

Jay-Z: Yeah. Actually, they come over my house for brunch on saturdays. Although they missed a couple of saturdays lately.

sexylibra: Whats your favorite home cooked meal?

Jay-Z:Anything my grandmom made. Especially her banana pudding

bayjean: Are you ever gonna do a song with Prince?

Jay-Z: That could still happen

dee-jay06: What do you love the most in this world?

Jay-Z:My family.

dee-jay06: How was it working with Linkin Park.

Jay-Z: It was fresh. They're very creative. Extremely good guys. I think the album came out incredible

vikesh_solanki: Which businessmen do you look up to?

Jay-Z: Bob Johnson. He created something for the culture and then was able to cash out at something like $3 billion. And Berry Gordy

platinumdiva: How long does it take the average rapper, singer to produce a CD?

Jay-Z: It's really a wide range.It can take from a month to sometimes five years. I made 9 songs for The Blueprint in one weekend and I kept them all.

kianicole: What's one thing people would be suprised to know about you?

Jay-Z: I'm really short. LOL. That was a joke. I'm not really short. My attempt at humor. I'm 6'2. Ok guys. I'll see you next month. Some of your questions were better than the ones I get from magazine writers. I enjoy chatting with y'all. HOLLA AT YA BOY!

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