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Jay-Z & Timbaland »

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Jay-Z Chat 2 pt. 4
by rocafan on 4/08/2006 02:43:00 PM


heemph1:What's your favorite Studio moment?

Jay-Z:When I was going to shoot Parkin Lot Pimpin for the Dynasty album. I went over to see Pharrell. It was Friday and I was scheduled to shoot the video on Monday in LA. We made "Give It To Me" in 20 minutes. If you notice, there's a yellow car in front of the house for no reason. That was supposed to be in Parkin' Lot Pimpin, but it was too late to send it back

legs1981: Do you sometimes wish to leave all the responsibilities behind and be the regular boy from Brooklyn again?

Jay-Z:No, I don't have those dreams. I'm still a regular guy

sexylibra:What is your favorite bowl of cereal?

Jay-Z:It used to be Crunch berries, now it's just Frosted Flakes.

jiji:Can you give me some of your money??????????

Jay-Z:Yeah. All you have to do is go in the studio for 7 months, pour your heart out, and then put it out and listen to people say how much you suck. Wake up at 6 in the morning, do morning shows, where they talk about how wack you are, and then..... maybe.

platinumdiva:When you finaly get "free time" what do you do? (Besides chat with us!! LOL)

Jay-Z:Hahaha... play Playstation. boxing, football, and basketball games on playstation or go to Nets games

wajihah:Jay, why was Blueprint 2: called The Gift & The Curse.. what's the curse??

Jay-Z: Like I said earlier, for every two people that love you, there are two people that hate you. It's like the Kobe commercial.

actionkeisha: Thank you for the tickets, when will you give out more Nets tickets?

Jay-Z: Stay tuned...

OmarDaOne: Did your mom ever spank you as a kid?

Jay-Z: Of course! I'm from Marcy Projects.

Birdie06:Whats your emberassing moments?

Jay-Z: I came out to LA one time on the Hard Knock Life tour and I wore a different jersey for each city. The Rams used to be in LA but they're in St. Louis now.I wore the Rams jersey and didn't realize they moved.

platinumdiva: Do you like the whole "Dirty South" movement?

Jay-Z:I think everyone gets their chance to shine in hip-hop. It started in the east, then went to west, then came back to the east. Then the south had their say with Outkast early on. I think everyone gets their chance. It's a great thing.

brooklyngirl718: I like your style who is your best designer and why?

Jay-Z: Ralph Lauren. he sells more than clothes. It's a lifestyle, a culture.

Birdie06: What was your first job ever?

Jay-Z: This is my first job ever. If we don't count being CEO of Roc-A-Fella, this is my first real official job

heemph1: Is it true that you have a personal hot wings chef that you travel with?

Jay-Z: I have a personal chef... I don't know about the hot wings part.

heemph1: How does it feel when you read the paper or you read a internet article and they know every move you make, and every thing you do.

Jay-Z:That's part of the gift and the curse. You use the internet and the paper for promotion letting people know you have an album coming out and things like that. And then sometimes there's false reporting... and sometimes its real. You gotta deal with it. It's part of the game.

Spox: What kind of music do you respect most (besides HipHop of course) ??

Jay-Z: Rock. Hip-hop is the new rock. the rebellious voice of a new generation.

jiggamanfan06: Do you like being rich and famous or would you rather just be rich

Jay-Z: I'd much rather just be rich. haha. You got a job for me?

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