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Jay-Z & Timbaland »

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Jay-Z Chat 2 pt. 2
by rocafan on 4/08/2006 02:46:00 PM


designedbymo:Whats the latest on "Your favorite hue"

Jay-Z:We're actually in the process of getting it submitted to the pantone chart. It's absolutely going to be an official color.

Guest: What's Shyne's situation at Def Jam?

Jay-Z:Shyne is a boss in his own right, so whatever he's ready to do when he gets home, we're going to accomodate him.

M.:Do you like the new "Roc-a-Florida" (Slip n' Slide) artists being on Def Jam?

Jay-Z:I'm excited about the partnership with Ted Lucas and the first act coming out is Rick Ross with his major record and the buzz he has. We're all excited about it.

eddymac:What was your favorite album? Besides Reasonable Doubt.

Jay-Z:The Chronic, Paid In Full, Michael Jackson's "Off The Wall", Stevie Wonder's "Songs in the key of life", U2 "The Joshua Tree", Lauryn HIll "Miseducation of Lauryn Hill" and of course, Biggie's second album.I know I'm gonna get a lot of flack, but I like the second one better. Sorry.

This: How did you find Ne-Yo?? ?? ??

Jay-Z: A young lady by the name of Tina Davis was thinking about signing him. This is before I was at Def Jam in the role I'm in now. She asked me to listen to him, and I gave her a bunch of thoughts over the blackberry about what I thought about each song. Then I didn't hear about it for a couple of months.I guess she signed it with LA and when I came in as President, I asked "Where's the guy, Ne-Yo." Then myself, Ty-Ty, Jay Brown, along with LA and everybody worked on the project.

jiggamanfan06:Are the Nets still moving to Brooklyn?


Hazard304:Going back would you ever change any album or record you have done?

Jay-Z:I would change Volume 1. It was so close to being a classic with songs like Streets is Watchin, Where I'm From, You Must Love Me, Lucky Me, etc...I think I ruined it with two or three records.

BigAB1789:Are you proud of your job at Def Jam so far?

Jay-Z:I would rate myself a solid B. We actually had a fantastic year as far as all the numbers go. We ended the year at #2 market share overall. A solid B

Rahulinho:What is your favourite track on The Black Album, (mine is "Threat")

Jay-Z:Encore and PSA. It's a tie.

C.Friday:What would you like to change in your life?

Jay-Z:I wanna get up later and go to sleep earlier

actionkeisha:Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Jay-Z:On the beach. heh

Suha:What's your favorite place to go and relax.

Jay-Z:Can't really say. If I do, it's gonna get really crowded, then I won't be relaxing

kholla: Are you looking forward to working with Nas?

Jay-Z:Yeah, I think it'll be historic. very interesting. Just an incredible creative process. His lyricism/song making abilities coupled with my songwriting/lyricism abilities should be a great combination.

dds43210:What is the hardest thing you've come across in your time at Def Jam

Jay-Z:Just the routine of doing the same thing over again. There's a meeting every Wednesday. I have a meeting every monday.

jiji:How do you think Rihanna is coping right now..being young and quite new to the biz..what have you taught her?

Jay-Z: To be honest with you... she's working too hard. I almost feel bad. I signed her 9 months ago. She's going on her second album which comes out april 25th (shameless plug). She's had 3 top 10 singles in a row and had a worldwide platinum album (500,000 US and 500,000 outside the US). She needs a vacation!

designeroner:Have you been working with anybody from Roc La Familia. Yes, Tru-life. We have a NORE reggaeton album coming out and a Hector Bambino compilation coming out and Aztek.

Rahulinho: Have you peeped Jin's "F*ck Jay-Z" track?

Jay-Z: It's clever.

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