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Jay-Z & Timbaland »

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Jay-Z Chat 2 pt. 1
by rocafan on 4/08/2006 02:48:00 PM


Jay-Z: Welcome everybody to the monthly chat. I'm very honored to sit down and chat with you guys. Let's have an open dialog. Holla at ya boy!

Tha Show:Just in case you become the world's richest person, what other philanthropic things would you do with your wealth?

Jay-Z:Wow... The greatest example of philanthropy I see is Bill Gates. He gives away one billion dollars a year. I would love to set a number and make sure I live by that number each year.... that number to give away.

benhillshawty: How do I get my music to you?

Jay-Z:There's many ways you can get your music to me.First off the address to the record company is on the back of the CDs.The second is to create a buzz for yourself and I'll come find you.

NAVIN:Yo Jay what's your favorite movie?

Jay-Z:It's split between Godfather II and True Romance.

EsqMrs:Okay can you tell us anything about Foxy's situation....album etc.

Jay-Z:Foxy's surgery was a success. She's in recovery now.

JPoloEnT:Jay-Z, Any plans to open a 40/40 in L.A.?

Jay-Z:Yeah. Me and Magic are planning on opening one. We're looking for real estate now.

Abbyserena:What are you thoughts about the music industry today and how it evolved to something new and great?

Jay-Z:Today its in a bit of a struggle because of all the challenges we face within the digital world. But as long as we keep pushing the envelope creatively, we'll survive this and be around forever. Music is forever.

steeldiplomat86: Hey Jay, how as the experience of having your mother on your last album?

Jay-Z:It was a beautiful thing. It was actually her birthday. I just told her to meet me at the studio. I didn't tell her why. Then afterwards we went out and had a wonderful time.

OmarDaOne:Jay, do you think you'd ever do a song with Lauryn Hill?

Jay-Z:I respect her as an artist. I love her. If the opportunity ever presented itself, yes!

juss_lyke_jigga:Jay can you tell us about Fabolous signing to Def Jam?

Jay-Z:Yeah. It's a Brooklyn thing. Street Family!!!!!!!!!!

Johnnie_Black:Who's your favourite rapper alive Jay?

Jay-Z: Right now, I don't have a favorite rapper, but right now I'm listening to Lil' Wayne and T.I.

Spox:What is your opinion on those milions of "colorful" remixes of The Black Album on the net ??

Jay-Z:I love it. I encourage creativity in any form. I believe it gave a longer life to The Black Album.

roc_army:What you think about Lupe Fiasco?

Jay-Z:I think he's one of the most creative new guys in the game right now.

kianicole:Which artist are you most excited about on Def Jam?

Jay-Z:That wouldn't be fair! But I guess Rick Ross because of his major buzz on the streets. But there's too many to really name.

Suha:What's up, "Sir Hova of Brooklyn!" How did it feel to perform with Paul McCartney?

Jay-Z:I can't say it was a dream come true because I could never imagine being on stage with a Beatle, but it was a dream, and an honor.Top of the mornin' to ya.

ROC THE MIC:Could you tell us about Free's project?

Jay-Z:Freeway's project is coming along great. He's about 75% done, 50's done his part, and now next week me and Freeway are going to the studio to close out the album.

This:Do you listen the demos that you recieve?? ?? ??

Jay-Z: No... it's impossible. I listen to artists that have some sort of buzz on them or ones that my A&R staff find. I have the biggest A&R staff in the business. This company is creatively driven

Guest:Do you ever go to the Marcy Projects?

Jay-Z:Of course. It's my home

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