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Jay-Z & Timbaland »

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Jay-Z Exclusive
by kenn on 3/24/2006 11:34:00 AM

Source: Ballerstatus

start today's Fire in the words of Hov: "Hustlers, we don't sleep. We rest one eye up and a drought could define a man when the well dries up. You learn the worth of water. Without work, you thirst 'til you die. YUP!"

Yup! This is, this is, this is...The Friday Fire. Let's get it...

I went to a screening of T.I.'s "ATL" Thursday night (March 23) in New York City and I must say, I really enjoyed the flick. I thought music video director, Chris Robinson, held his own aptly in his directorial debut. The footage really captured the total essence of Atlanta. Rashad (the lead role, which T.I. plays) did have many of the characteristics that T.I. does and I thought the "King of The South" did a good job with the role. That and I can't front...I really left the screening with a crush on Lauren London. I mean...Robinson captures these shots of London and her face looks absolutely flawless. Dogs...I'm a sucker for a cute female with dimples and Lauren has them...and more. So, I guess you could say...I'm sprung cause she got me....haha. I'm officially a fan, though, Lauren -- real talk. In addition to T.I. and London, "ATL" does have a nice supporting cast with very personable characters. I hope the film does well and I give it a three-alarm blaze fire on a scale of five. ...

In addition you can't help but appreciate T.I.'s business savvy too. He has, King, a heavily-anticipated album, dropping March 28 and "ATL" days later, on March 31. I think it's safe to say that the end of March belongs to the "King of the South." Ya know, my boy and I were just talking about it the other day...the more and more you see how T.I. moves, he reminds us of Jay-Z. You hear it often, but the dude really is the Jay-Z of the South. T.I. is charismatic, lyrical and as time goes on, he's going to continue to expand his horizons and broaden his skill set beyond just rhyming. I think this is sincerely the beginning of many good things to come for one Tip Harris. ...

This past Tuesday (March 21), I attended a taping of Michael Kay's show "Center Stage" here in New York City. Kay's guest was none other than the President...of Def Jam, you know the smarter one; the one we really like to listen to...Jay-Z. ... Now for those that don't know, Kay is the play-by-play announcer of the New York Yankees on Yes Network. In addition to all kinds of sports personalities, Kay also invites actors and artists to chop it up with him. Before Jigga even arrived, a rep from the Yes Network strolled out into the studio to inform the attendees that we were the biggest crowd ever on "Center Stage." Not surprising. So, minutes later, the boy Hov, rocking a canary yellow sweater and S. Carters (not chancletas), arrives on the rather intimate set. Kay had Jigga run down his career path, from how he got started to where he thinks he may be in the future. In between, Jigga and Kay spoke about everything from the Grammy's to possibly bringing Lebron James to play for the soon-to-be Brooklyn Nets.

When you observe Jigga, you immediately notice that he knows all eyes are on him, all the time. And the dude, like a true hustler, handles it well and even takes it all in stride. In between taping breaks, the Blueprint would have personal conversations with the crowd. In one break he ridiculed a young kid and asked him if he's on Spring Break. In another break, a young lady in the audience yelled out, "Jay, you have accomplished everything. When are you going to settle down, get married and start a family?" As Jay was taken back by the timing of the question, a middle-aged dude yelled out, "It's OK, Jay, take your time. Take your time." Jay then responded, "I'm listening to my man right there because he sounds like he's been through some sh--." ... Another funny moment came when a young lady kept insisting that Jay show Trenton, New Jersey some love. When the interview resumed, Kay asked Hov what the best part is about being rich. He responded with, "Money gives you freedom. After this show I could go to Paraguay or...Trenton, New Jersey," said Jay, as he looked over to the smiling young lady.

Sir Hova of Brooklyn kept the cleverness coming, as he came up with a unique analogy to describe how the Grammy's used to be against hip-hop. "The Grammy's used to not show the rap awards and it was like a slap in the face," Jay-Z said. "It's like people invite you over to their house for dinner and then tell you, you have to eat in the basement. But they're [Grammy's] getting better; they're getting better." When Hov said that, my boy Sam and I were laughing our asses off. That analogy really is f---ing brilliant. ...

Moving on...I always talk about Saigon, but giving credit when and where it's due, just think how crazy is it going to be when Papoose actually gets signed! I mean what the guy is doing is nothing short of remarkable. Yes, he has Kay Slay, a veteran radio DJ on his side, but to have music playing on the radio is not an easy feat to attain when you're an unsigned artist. Sheeit...it's harder than a motherf---er. Not only is his music in steady rotation, but the dude has a solid ringtone deal too. Truth be told...Pap's mixtapes are better than MCs entire albums. It's crazy. Maybe DMX or Busta in their prime, but it's hard to remember the last artist that really would attack a beat the way Papoose does. There are some tracks that I've heard in which Pap completely disregards the beat and lyrically slaughters the instrumental. It turns out that "Alphabetical Slaughter" was a great indicator of what's to come. While I think Pap doesn't even need a deal the way he's grinding, I also firmly believe that he will be signing to a label soon. ...

I'm glad to report that 50 Cent, Czar Entertainment and Vision Plant have settled their dispute over the "Original 50 Cent" DVD. For Jimmy Rosemond of Czar Entertainment, who was formerly known as Jimmy Henchmen and currently works closely with the Game, to settle a lawsuit with 50 must not have been easy, but it's good they got it done. ...

Speaking about 50, rumors are running rampant that he is about to sign Remy Ma. With all due respect to Fat Joe, I honestly think Remy Ma would be a better fit in G-Unit than in Terror Squad. Yes, G-Unit already has a singer in Olivia, but the only thing they lack right now is an aggressive female. That's Remy Ma to the "T." We'll see what happens with this one. ...

E-40 is #1 on Billboard's R&B/Hip-Hop Chart...wow. Every time I hear "Tell Me When To Go," I bug out. The sound of this hyphy movement is very unique to the ears, to say the least. Tell me when to go, just tell me when to go, tell me when to gooooo. Crazy. ...

Now for some jeopardy...

This man received infamous oral gratification, is musical and stays posted up in Harlem. Who is Jim Jones, you say? Nice try, but no. Who is Cam'ron? Once again, nice try, but no. Who is former President Bill Clinton? Ding, ding, ding. The reason why I bring up Clinton is dude is just a baadd man. He could be tucked up in the Hollywood Hills, but dude keeps it all the way real. He brings Secret Service to Uptown. That's a real dude right there. By the way, Hov did acknowledge rumors that he indeed did have a meeting with Clinton. ...

Back to Killa Cam for a minute, by now everyone should have heard his song, "Suck It or Not" featuring Lil' Wayne. For those that haven't...the song is absolutely bonkers. Instead of going with "head" or "brain" like every other MC, Cam coins a new term for oral sex -- "puckerama." Later on in the song, he also warns the ladies with, "Ok ma, here comes the hot sauce." HaHa...that Killa Cam is a unique individual, not to mention downright hilarious at times. ...

I just popped an old mixtape into my CD deck and put it on random play at the office and who do I hear but Ol' Dirty AKA Dirt McGirt. Just hearing the dude's voice on a track again was great. Hip-hop hasn't forgotten and never will. ...

Just when I thought Just Blaaaaaze was getting way ahead of his fellow producers with his triumphant production for T.I.'s "King Back," Kanye West comes with something equally as crazy. Kanyevil's instrumental for "Impossible" is so many things -- stirring heavy-bass and tremendous soulful stretches, among them. What Just Blaze and Kanyeezy are doing right now -- with the boards -- is amazing. Hip-hop heads...don't take them for granted. Speaking about Just Blaze, my boy and I were talking and saying that we don't know any possible way that Saigon's album can fail. Me knowing that Just Blaze is on the boards for Saigon's album, will make me got out and cop it. Just Blaaaaaze. ...

Ok, ok, ok, your boy said his part this week. It's your boy Mark My Words signing off on this Friday, March 24. Same place, same time next week. As always, Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds. Peace.

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