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by kenn on 1/25/2006 05:10:00 AM

The Real Reason Cam Dissed Jay-Z


By now we’ve all heard the diss track released by Cam’ron last week focusing in on none other than President Carter himself. From all accounts, the hip hop world was shocked, momentarily stunned into silence.

But not all of us. Some of us saw this coming. There’s a conspiracy theory out there among industry insiders, and it goes like this…

Weeks ago, on the eve of Jay-Z’s highly anticipated I Declare War concert, public speculation was that he planned to “air-out” Cam and the Dip Set collective. We all held our breath, like hyenas waiting for the lion to kill so that we could feast on the remains. But it was not to be, as the self-proclaimed J-Hova of the microphone pulled yet another miracle out of his robe by settling arguably the most celebrated beef in rap history by embracing Nas, an event which jolted and confused the rap universe.

But for the origins of the Cam’s problems with Jay-Z, we need turn the clock all the way back to the early 90s. A young Cam’ron was introduced to Lance “Un” Rivera by none other than The Notorious B.I.G., who was working with Rivera at the time. Cam’s first solo album would come out on Untertainment, which went unter-ground in ’99, the same year that Jay-Z allegedly stabbed Rivera in a nightclub altercation (Jay-Z would later be formally sentenced to three years' probation for the attack).


Cam then moved on to Sony, where he released 2000’s S.D.E only to make headlines for his reported hostility with Tommy Mottola and exit from the label. In 2001 he officially left Sony and joined Roc-A-Fella Records. The Roc, at the time, was still under the control of the Holy Trinity of Hip Hop (J-A-Y, Dash, Hoffa), and was all set to release Jay’s 6th album, The Blueprint, which dropped Sept. 11.

Cam’s subsequent album, 2002’s Come Home With Me (Oh Boy, Hey Ma) was his biggest to date, and was eventually certified platinum. This album paved the way for the introduction of the Dip Set movement, and Cam and crew were living large. Dame Dash (a childhood friend of Cam’ron), even went as far as to propose naming Cam'ron Vice President of Roc-a-fella, but there was internal opposition at the label.

Translation: Jay said no.

Many people credit point to this as the beginning of the Roc-A-Fella break-up. Amid media hype, rumors, and statements issued by both sides, Dame and Jay went their separate ways.

Translation: Dame left and Jay-Z became President Carter.

What does this have to do with Cam?

First, consider the fact that he and Jay have never been buddies. It was widely reported that Cam met with L.A. Reid, then head of Island Def Jam, to put terms in his contract stating that Jay-Z had no control over his projects at Def Jam. According to Cam, this was not because of bad blood between the two, just a lack of a personal relationship.

Fast forward to December 2004, when LA Reid, granted Cam’ron (now the Diplomat Records CEO) a release from his contract, even though he still contractually owed Def Jam three more albums.

Translation: Dame bounced, and took Cam with him.

And that brings us to 2006. Fresh off his peace-keeping mission with Nas, Jay-Z gets blindsided by a vicious rant from Cam’ron, trashing everything from Jay’s age, to his fashion, to Beyonce. The seven-minute track starts out with Cam listing 5 reasons why he’s attacking Jay, which include claims that Jay-Z stole the Roc-A-Fella (Kanye) and Rocawear empires from Dame and that Jay might be responsible for his recent attempted murder.

So, according to Cam’ron, this verbal attack is a reaction to Jay-Z’s: 1) problems with Dame and 2) involvement in Cam’s attempted murder.

Translation: Look, Dame is making me do this shit, I had to come up with something.

The word is that before his exit, Dame worked out some sort of agreement allowing for Cam to also be released from Def Jam. Cam is now simply repaying that favor by dissing Jay at a time when he couldn’t possibly respond. It’s brilliant.

Translation: Damon Dash truly is the ultimate hustler.

After all, if Cam’ron had a major problem with Jay-Z, wouldn’t he have said something about it before now? Why now? Damon Dash, that’s why. Damon Dash has got to be salty from the split. After all, he got robbed. And recall, Jay-Z has said his peace on the matter, most notably on the Diamond’s Are Forever Remix with Kanye West.

The Chain remains, the gang is intact/ The name is mine, I’ll take blame for that…
I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man/ Let me handle my business, damn.

But Dame doesn’t have a voice. So, if you’re Damon Dash, and you wanted to take a shot at Jay, what would you do?

You’d get Cam’ron, (the only dude arrogant enough to think that he’s got a shot at turning the tables on Jay-Z) to diss him. After all, he’s perfect for the job. For starters, he doesn’t like Jay-Z anymore than you do. And he owes you big. Not to mention the fact that he’s no stranger to controversy with other rappers. Plus, (and here’s the kicker) he’s got an album due out on his new label, Asylum.

As far as the word from Def Jam, an official spokesperson told me "Obviously, Cam'ron has a new album coming soon."

And there you have it. For all of the attention that this diss track has generated, it appears to be nothing more than fallout from the Roc split and publicity for Cam’s upcoming album. Evidence can be seen in the fact that not one single person associated with the Diplomats has publicly commented on the issue (I’ve even heard that there’s been a high-level gag-order placed on Dip affiliates.)

Translation: Don’t let the smooth taste fool you.

So, I’ll ask the obvious question: “Will Jay-Z respond?” A source close to the Roc guaranteed me that he will not. However, Jay-Z is planning a live, on-line chat with registered fans at Rocafella.com, scheduled for February 15th, 2006 (5pm EST).

One has to believe that he’ll have something to say.

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