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by kenn on 1/20/2006 11:27:00 AM

Friday Fire: Cam'ron Attacks Jay-Z -- Hip-Hop Is Back!
Source: Baller Status


January 20, 2006 and it's your boy "Mark My Words" back at it for perhaps the most scorching Friday Fire in recent memory. My pen is seething and y'all should know why...

The President is under attack! Alert the Pentagon, gather the Secret Service, we're on High Alert...the President is under attack!

Just last week we were discussing how most of hip-hop is in a state of stalemate. Well, stop the presses! Hip-hop is baaack, thanks to a brash and bold move by Harlem's own Cam'ron.

Killa Cam dropped "Swagger Jacker (A Biter Not A Writer)," which shows Jay-Z's affinity for using and re-working other MCs' lines and most recently with "You Got It," an almost eight-minute diss track going live, hard and direct at the Def Jam President's jugular. Before Cam gets heavy into rhyming, he firmly states his top five reasons for going hard at Hov:

"You stole Roc-A-Fella from Dame."
"You stole Kanye from Dame."
"You stole Rocawear from Dame."
"I seen that n---- throw that diamond up before them shots was fired."
"How's the King of New York rocking sandals with jeans!?"

On the brand new diss track, Killa goes on to express how he feels Jay's publishing should go to Ms. (Voletta) Wallace for using so many of Biggie's lines and later compares Jay to Joe Camel and Fraggle Rock. He even mocks Jay because of his age and reminds him of a Beyonce and Cam collaboration.

Wow. Late Thursday night, early Friday morning, Dipset's premier rhyme spitter called The Drama King Kay Slay live on the air on New York City's famed Hot 97 radio station. Before Killa even began to address the two leaked tracks going at Hov and his motives behind them, he wanted to remind listeners of one important thing:

"This is not a BK/Harlem, BK/Manhattan thing," Cam told Kay Slay. "A bunch of stuff made me put these records out. This isn't even me, it's my team. My team has been holding me back from doing this, but the concert (Jay-Z's I Declare War) was the last straw."

Cam later welcomed and invited an answer track from Jay. In regards to "Swagger Jacker," in which Cam cleverly plays lines of Biggie, Snoop Dogg, Slick Rick, Big L, Rakim, Tupac and Nas and compares them to Jay's re-worked versions, Cam jokingly told Kay Slay: "Let's see if Jay steals a line from James Brown. The next thing I'm going to do is show you how Jay stole lines from movies."

Once again, wow. I know barbershops across the country, especially here in NYC are buzzing right now! There's so much to cover in regards to this Cam and Jay situation. First of all, people outside of New York City have to understand that Jay-Z and Cam never really liked each other. Sure they made "Welcome To New York City" together, but tension between the two has been mounting for years. So, Cam going at Jay isn't really a surprise, but the timing in which he did it is (Or is it? Walk with me, we'll get back to that.)

Secondly, love him or hate him, Cam has everything to gain in this situation. This is actually an excellent move for Cam. Jay-Z, on the other hand, has nothing to gain, but to show his fans and overall hip-hop fans what can happen if one tests a great mic fiend.

Me, personally, I think Jay HAS to respond to Cam. The degree at which Cam went in and the subject matter of his tracks should even speed up the process. Time is ticking, Hov. You have done it all in your career. You have done the impossible and done it twice, but there is a man with a cult following brave enough to step to the throne and take aim. Due to the way Cam went in on this track alone, I think hip-hop fans would be shocked if Jay doesn't answer. I know I would. I was surprised that Jay, after all the hype, didn't take aim at anyone during the "I Declare War" concert.

Well, it's been a long time coming. We know you want to answer. Pick up the mic, keep it on wax and breathe life back into hip-hop. If he answers, Jay will probably say he's a student of the game and honors B.I.G. every time he echoes a line, in regards to the swagger jacking. Jay can also begin on Cam's affinity for pink. Also, don't be surprised if Jay pulls a takeover and includes Dash in an answer track. However, whatever the case may be, when rocks are being chucked at the throne and the crown is rattling, something must be done. Furthermore, in my humble opinion, Jay, although Def Jam President, never really retired from making music. He has lent his rhymes out on features and collaborated on exclusive freestyles.

I listen to Jay, I listen to Cam. And I must say, Killa putting out these records is HUGE. It's a big move for him, a bigger move for Dipset and the current biggest for hip-hop. What I love about the record Cam put out is there are no real references to taking it to the streets and doing harm. Cam did his homework and that's not only what you're supposed to do when going at Hov, it's what you HAVE to do.

Cam bringing up Juan Perez (Jay-Z's business partner with the 40/40 clubs) in "You Got It" is slick. That may have flown over some people's heads, but Cam told Kay Slay that Perez is from Harlem. So, in other words, Cam makes sure to let Jay know he's doing business with a Harlem cat. Clever.

As far as thinking everything out and then going in with intent and aggression, you got to give it to Cam for now. Killa not only went in, but he went in haaard, while still maintaining some of his humor. The sandals line is completely off the wall, but I agree with him. No dude should rock sandals, period. Look in the Fire archives. I've said my piece on sandals before.

Anyway, back to the lecture at hand. There's already a lot of buzz about Hov cooking up another "Takeover" type track getting at Cam. Well, if or when he does, there are factors you need to know about Cam.

Killa was quick to tell Kay Slay that he's done a lot in hip-hop and is ready for the challenge. "I executive produced 11 albums," Cam said. "Come do the track man."

Even if Jay answers with something that smashes Cam (like many are predicting), Killa still wins. At the top of this tirade I said, Cam going at Jay isn't really a surprise, but the timing in which he did it is (Or is it?) Let me explain... Cam is currently gracing one of two covers for XXL magazine's March issue, in which he also addresses his feud with Hov. And, in addition, Kay Slay revealed that Cam's next album, Killa Season, is due in April. The timing does seem impeccable on Cam's part. Say Jay comes back with something extra hard, Cam STILL WINS. He sells more records and broadens his fan base, as well as Dipset's movement.

One can view 50 Cent's move when he dropped "Piggy Bank" for Fat Joe, Jadakiss and Nas to help hype The Massacre album release. I'm not alleging that that's Killa's motive here, but if it is, you can't be mad. At the end of the day, money has to be made.

Jay-Z doesn't have anything to prove. He's done it all in hip-hop, is Def Jam's President, has part ownership of the New Jersey Nets and Beyonce on his arm. Not a bad life. But, he's being tested here and it's going to be real interesting to see how he handles this situation. We're not expecting Hov to prepare for 15 rounds, but at least one looks to be a must.

Kay Slay, a Harlem native, thinks it's great for hip-hop. You gotta agree, especially if you're from NYC. We can only stomach so many club bangers. Who do you know that's in the clubs 24-7 like that anyway!? Sheeit, I got a damn job.

Battles are the essence of hip-hop. The swagger, the competition, the downright sport of heavyweights trading verbal jabs and then the knockout. Boom. Hip-hop is back! (At least, I hope).

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