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by kenn on 10/26/2005 04:03:00 PM

Dash Tv Shows



Get Fresh With Roc
Complete. Aired on BET. A Inside look at The Roc's companies at Large: Music, Fashion: rocawear, state property, c. ronson, america Magazine, Rocafella/Dash Films, Armadale, Team Roc.

La Familia - Complete.
AIRED APRIL 29 AND MAY 20TH ON BET 7.30-8PM the 2003 Campaign shoot behind the scenes.

The Best of Roc Weekends
The Roc is bringing Music, Fashion, Sports and fun to your hometown, and during the hottest events. See the Roc family hit Virginia, Super bowl and All Star Weekend. When we arrive in your hometown we go unnoticed. (Complete: Aired on BET)

Beanie: The Trial Documentary
Behind the Scenes of Beanie being on Trial, the Roc coming together to represent and making a statement. How beanie prepares to deal with maybe having to go back to jail to serve time.

The TRUTH Series
The Real, true stories and experiences that make the ROC the best that ever did it. Learn the Layers that go into bringing the artist out of the artist, how they came to become artists, conquered their goals, which helped along the way and how they are taking their talents to the next level. A true celebration on who they are, where they came from, where they are going and how they are gonna get to their next level. What's that one thing you want to know about them and what's that one thing they will tell you that you don't already know. The truth of the truth.

The Truth: Beanie Siegel- He learned to rap just 2 weeks before he landed his record deal with the Roc. He'll never forget Jay's crossed arms and attitude that day he rapped for Dame, Jay and Biggs. Beanie has become a legend on the street of Philly and has grown to be a true leader. He has a past to be reckoned with and a heart of gold. The Roc breads entrepreneurs and Beanie did just so by building the group State Property, Criminal Background records, and the State Property clothing line. Tragedy strikes again as Beanie is on trial for his life. The Game is never over.

The Making of State Property 2
The behind the scenes making the movie State Property 2.

House Arrest Beanie Sigel
Aired on BET
Monday 5/16/05 at 7:30p
Friday 5/20/05 at 7:30p
Saturday 5/21/05 at 7:30p

House Arrest Beans is a half hour tv show that takes a look at the Beans time up in New York during House Arrest while he prepared all his businesses before being walked into Jail by his DDMG family. See him Finish his album, live at Damon Dash's house, obey the Rules and restrictions of his PO officer, Get his clothing line State Property straight, spend time with his Family, shoot 5 videos in one week, go to Trial and say Goodbye while he goes to jail for 9 months.
coming soon......

ODB: The Making of the Last Album
a Son Unique You saw Dirt McGirt in "on parole with odb" and now it's time to see what has become of this hip-hop icon 10 months later. He had the opportunity to re-invent his career and he's bringing you his new album soon. It wasn't easy, learn what it takes to get him in the studio, grind to finish an album and have the opportunity to be under the Roc.

Kingdome Roc's
Damon Dash has given back to his community, starting with Minisink after school basketball league, dressed the players Fresh to Death, created a Team Roc inspired clothing line and decided to take step further and embrace his hometown community of Harlem by funding Kingdome with all his Roc Brands. See Kingdome kick the summer off with Teams competing for basketball championship titles and look fresh to death in Team Roc. The entire community has come out to prove that Kingdome is the Rutgers of Today. Ruby Smooth to host another show.

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