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by rocafan on 9/10/2005 12:42:00 AM

Random Roc Tidbits



1.Jim Jones Hating on Shawn Carter

Never one to bite his tongue, Jim Jones spoke on Jay-Z and Roc-A-Fella's demise during an episode of "Rap City: Tha Basement" this past Tuesday. After denying that he's taking jabs at Hov on his new single, "Summer Wit' Miami," Jones declared that Jiggaman was "sneak thieving" and shared his feelings on Def Jam's new president.

"When [Jay-Z] became the President, that was our way out. We not with it at all, ya dig, and if you wanna go statistically, not even on just the fire part, just statistically, we sold more records than everybody up at Roc-A-Fella every time we came out with an album. Why would we be with somebody that sell no records statistically? The Roc is over," Jones told "Rap City" host Mad Linx while making The Roc's dynasty sign with a sarcastic facial expression. "It's more like a cubic zirconium," he added while ice grilling the camera. "The diamond is crumbled."

*Charles weighs in: HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAH at Jim Jones acting like the Diplomats sold more records than Jay-Z or even Kanye....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. Jim is a cool dude, but too bad he has NO flow, NONE what so ever. The only reason I put up with him is because he's Cam's boy....Cam come get your special cousin, I think his helmet came off.

2.Kanye throws fit #4789.

In "Diamonds From Sierra Leone", Kanye offers, "Who complained like he is owed/and throws a tantrum like he is three years old." He wasn't lying. Barely a week after complaining about being misquoted in Time Magazine of all publications, West got pissed at MTV's Quddus for asking him questions about the VMA tension between Joe and 50, and the Suge Knight shooting at his pre-VMA party. The Louis Vutton Don brushed the questions off by plugging the release of his Late Registration. Quddus then responded by saying, "Never mind the tension in Hip-Hop, that's the point." Ye then replied, "No, the point is I'm here to promote my album, you know what I'm sayin'? So this is my chance to be on TV, so I'm here to tell y'all please buy my album." An angry Kanye added, "I told ya'll don't ask me that question," before pointing to the camera and warning, "Don't play with me man." West and Quddus eventually shook hands, but the super producer wasn't seen on the show after his segment.

*Charles weighs in: .......No comment...lol

3. Fiddy talks smack about Dre and Kanye.

50 Cent is pointing the finger at super-producer Dr. Dre and Aftermath for The Game's rebellion against G-Unit. In a recent interview with King Magazine, the Queens rapper revealed that Dre could have prevented the escalating feud between G-Unit and Chuck Taylor. "I think a big portion of the problem comes from Dr. Dre and Aftermath. I don't think it was handled properly," 50 told King in regards to the feud that lead to a shooting in front of Hot 97 last March. "If Game felt saying something about me was saying something about Dre, he wouldn't have said what he said. They made him have that comfort." Meanwhile, in a recent interview with MTV, 50 takes credit for Kanye's success by saying ""I feel like Kanye West is successful because of me. After 50 Cent, [hip-hop fans] was looking for something non-confrontational, and they went after first thing that came along. That was Kanye West, and his record took off."

*HAHAHAHAHAHAH....50.....50....your music went from hardcore to disposable pop....looks like somebody's a little insecure about kanye being the biggest thing in rap now a days....What Kanye say? "That's the way it is hating ni***s marry hating Bi***s and have hating kids...and by the way, Kanye's a better lyrist than you....lol

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