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by kenn on 6/28/2005 09:22:00 AM

NBA and Jay-Z



On the eve of the NBA draft, we caught up with some of the top draft prospects at NYC's Westin Hotel. Here's what they had to say ...

Raymond Felton
Dime: You're about to get paid. What's the plan for the money besides using it on the new ride you got?

Felton: Well, I plan to be careful with it. Not purchase anything too big. After my car I'll hold off on a few things.

Dime: Talk a little bit about Chris Paul.

Felton: He's a real cool guy. We've developed a friendship and I wish the best for him. Real quick and brings everything to the table. He definitely won't back down from anything put his way.

Deron Williams
Dime: Where do you see yourself going in the draft?

Deron Williams chats up the media in advance of the NBA draft. (Henry Ray Adams / Associated Press)

Williams: Right now it's up in the air. Anywhere between two and six. I worked out for Orlando too just in case. Really I'm just happy to be enjoying everything that's going on.

Dime: Who will be at your table draft night?

Williams: My mom, brother, girlfriend and my daughter. Of course my agent too.

Dime: What kind of music you bumping to right now?

Williams: Well, I'm a Texas boy so you know all them dudes - Paul Wall, Mike Jones and Slim Thug. Lil' Wayne all the time. When Paul Wall and Mike Jones first came out, I told everybody to watch out for them, but nobody wanted to listen. Now everybody's catching on.

Channing Frye
Dime: How is it going to feel, going from a college arena to an NBA arena?

Fry: Well, playing at the McKale Center is just like playing at an NBA arena. You feel like a fish in a fish bowl. Everybody is looking at you, so it will definitely be an easy transition.

Dime: Talk about playing for the Knicks if that happens?

Fry: It would be something exciting. The weather will take a little getting used to, but I'll dress warm.

Dime: What artist are you feeling when it comes to music?

Frye: I like Common's new album. It's really something different. The Black Album (Jay-Z) of course. 50 Cent. And I'm starting to get into the mixtape scene. When I want to relax though I put on some Earth, Wind and Fire.

Gerald Green
Dime: You were getting a lot of flack for not working out for certain teams. Why choose not to work out and do you think the criticism was deserved?

Green: People are gonna be people and draw up what they want to. Personally, I didn't want to go out and work out for a team and injure myself. Look at what happened to Dee Brown. His injury set him back and I just didn't want to have that happen to me.

Dime: What do you think separates you from the other high schoolers coming out?

Green: I think we all bring something different. Take for instance Monta (Ellis) can dribble and penetrate better than I do or Louis (Williams) might stroke it a little better than me. I'm much taller and a little more athletic. It can go both ways so I can't really say any certain thing separates me from them.

Martell Webster

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Dime: Seattle seems to be on the rise when it comes to turning out ballers. This year there's Marvin (Williams) and yourself. Where did all this come from?

Webster: What you're seeing now is just the talent that is being unleashed in the Seattle area. You have Marvin and myself, but also look out for Jon Brockman. We have a lot of breakout players coming up out there.

Dime: You brought up Jon Brockman. What do you think life would have been like playing at the University of Washington?

Webster: I think about it all the time. It would have been a pleasure to be out there with Jon and the other guys, but I felt this was the right move for me. But I do think about what could have been a lot.

Dime: What are you listening to right now?

Webster: My mp3 player is all over the place with music. That Jay-Z "Dear Summer" is on repeat as well as Kanye West's "Diamonds".

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