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What do you get when you take the greatest living rapper and the greatest hip hip producer. You get one hot album. Sign the petition and lets make it happen.

by kenn on 6/16/2005 10:57:00 AM

Fifteen albums to ride by



Ah the summer, its finally come once again to drive back the monotony of the fall and winter. We all know that the summer is the time to stick it to the oppressor after dealing with his crap for nine straight months. School is out (for most of us), and its time to start with the pimping and cruising and fornication, right?

Well, the South End’s here to help you get the most out of that system in your trunk, with the best albums to roll around with in that good changer.

1. Jay-Z – Reasonable Doubt
A classic Jigga collection that will help keep your swagger cool through the summer nights. Best played at night after coming from shutting the club down. All you gotta do is just pop it in, hit the freeway, and let those orange lights guide you home while you bump “ Can I Live”, perfection.

2. 50 Cent – The Massacre
Personally not a favorite of mine, but hey, if a man can sell like 1.5 mil the first weekend his album is released, its got to have something good in store, right? If you gotta show everyone around you that you’re “dope” and “up on that” and that “shorty” is the only slang term used for women, pop this in.

3. Lil Jon – Crunk Juice
Lil Jon is the man when it comes to making addictive summer bangers, and of course this album is full of them. Clowning in the car is a requirement when this is on, no matter who’s looking, gawkers, pedestrians, police, grandparents, city officials, whoever, you gotta show ‘em how to get it crunk. It just goes to show, thats what happens when you bring a piece of the “Dirty South” up to the “Dirty Glove”

4. Snoop Dogg - Rhythm & Gangsta
This is most definitely the smoothest album on the lineup. Straight to the point, Snoop’s a pimp, so much so that he had you calling him a pimp in the hook to one of his better songs. If you’re just pulling up to the club, or to the spot, make sure this is on, and loud enough for all to hear. Throw on a track like “Fresh Pair Of Panties” and it will definitely have them girlies looking, and you might be able to ask them that same question later on.

5. Cassidy – I’m A Hustla Available June 28
One of Hip-Hops newest up and comers, Cassidy finally seems to be stepping into his element. Those that follow rap know that Cassidy’s first album wasn’t that big of a deal, but did well for a debut album. This time around he brought out the hype club joints first and he’s got some collaborations with giants in the game. Ride through your hood with this on 25, the hood will thank you for it.

6. Jadakiss – Kiss of Death
This one is easy. Jadakiss is easily one of the best mainstream rappers out of New York right now, he’s basically carried the Lox to the status they now have, and he had arguably one of the best albums of last year, and that’s not easy to say considering the albums of last year. “By Your Side” is standout material, but keep it at a cruising volume. Just go cop it.

7. Black Eyed Peas – Monkey Business
The Black Eyed Peas released the award winning “Elephunk”, in 03. Since then, they’ve been dancing all around the musical world with various projects, adding their unique flavor to the mixes, creating their own vibe. The new album has much of the same in store, but there’s a lot more guest appearances. Jack Johnson, James Brown, John Legend, Justin Timberlake, Q-Tip, Talib Kweli, are just some of them. Give it a chance, there’s no need to be hard all the time, is there?

8. Kanye West – College Dropout
Kanye West has become music’s next big thing, not only in hip-hop, but also in almost every other category that matters. “College Dropout”, had something for everyone’s individual musical tastes, from pop to soul to gospel. The messages may be different, but the feeling is always there. Play “Spaceship” when you’re in a reflective mood, and call me in the morning.

9. Mike Jones – Who Is Mike Jones?
OK, now some of you will see this a say a curse word or two but consider this, Mr. Jones has been doing it big down in his hometown of Houston, and they love him there. He has teamed up with Mike Watts; the new down south chopped and screwed king. And lastly, he released one of the most addictive tracks since “Getting Jiggy Wit It”. It’s got an easy hook to sing and beyond all else it’s funny. Who else could you see getting away with saying the same four words a hundred times and not be wack?

10. Game – Documentary
The Game, one of raps biggest surprises since we found out Making the Band was a serious effort, doesn’t have to run on the coat tails of the G-Unit General, 50 Cent, any longer. This guy has done fairly well for himself by releasing his CD on a label that’s out to get him, and standing out amongst the various generic West Coast flunkies. Game’s CD is a good pickup, “Church of Thugs” is pure Just Blaze fire, coupled with the lyrics it’s a go.

11. Beanie Siegel – The Becoming
Beanie Siegel we all know went to jail recently, but he was nice enough to drop the album before he went in. The album is packed full of stuff like a nail file in a cake. The Neptunes, Just Blaze, Heavy D and others help Beans make the album one he can tell his man inside about. Gotta keep “Once Again It’s On” on repeat as well as “ Bread and Butter”, oh, and excuse the jail references, they humor me.

12. Common – Be
Now this is the premier hip-hop album of the year. Common has already earned his position as a classic artist with his song “ I Used to Love H.E.R.”. For this album the Chi-Towner hooked up with Kanye West, who then brought in others like John Mayer, and hometown hip hop hero Jay Dee. With all of the heavy hitting talent on this project, Common has the power to bring hip hop back to its former pedestal of power.

13. Yin Tang – United States of Atlanta Available 6/28
Point blank, they released the song “Wait”, which commands the simultaneous grinding of pelvic areas between men and women on the dance floor, along with the various other forms of innuendo stacked in the song. I’m surprised to say that I don’t know what this album has in store, but I would get it just because the Twins always deliver a good club joint, a few funny tracks, and something that involves a few heart shaped booties.

14. Memphis Bleek – 534
Fun fact: Memphis Bleek was the first artist on the now infamous and disbanded Roc-A-Fella records. Why didn’t you know that? Because Memph Bleek is one of their most slept on artists, actually the most slept on artist since the label was formed. Now that’s changing. Bleek’s been working with Swiss Beats, MOP, Young Gunz and 9th Wonder among other producers and artists to try to get this one to be the album that changes his career. And if that won’t help, he’s got a new Jay-Z track on there, that alone should get those registers ringing.

15. Slum Village - Detroit Deli
There should always be some hometown love for the people that are out there doing it, so I gotta put the Detroit Deli on. This is arguably said to be the best Slum album to be released, ever. But, you have to keep in mind that a whole lot of folks didn’t know that Slum existed until they paid for that Kanye beat, so if you fit this profile please go and hit the Slum archive, or go play in traffic, your choice. If you’re feeling silly on the road, pull over or put on “Things We Do” so that way when you crash at least you’ll have a song in your broken head.

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