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What do you get when you take the greatest living rapper and the greatest hip hip producer. You get one hot album. Sign the petition and lets make it happen.

by kenn on 6/17/2005 07:53:00 PM


Source:Byron Crawford


Ok, I'm cool with giving people a chance to explain their side. So we here from all the Kanye lovers. Well lets hear from a Kanye hater. These opinions are not the opinions of RocaBlog. O Yea sorry man I cut out your image/ad(s) because ain't no commercal unless you paying me.

Kanye West. Who is Kanye West? Some would say that....

Ah f*** it. f*** a real intro. Let's get into the real s***.

I dislike Kanye West. Why? There is too many reasons to list - check the 222 Reasons I Hate Kanye West if you want an extensive run-down. I'll provide you with my general argument.

Kanye West, or as I like to call him, Teh Ghey West, was mainly a B-list producer, he had his hits, but he wasnt like, the Neptunes, where every other song on the radio was theirs. Gradually, he started to become more and more prominent. Gradually, I started to dislike him more.

Now, some may think its jealousy or something stupid like that, but nah, not at all. The reason I disliked him more is cause I learned more about him.

We all saw his little crybaby antics at the AMA's for losing to whats-her-face, the beeyotch who sings "Redneck Woman." Now, I believe we romanticize and glorify rappers too much, nhjic, much like we do with sports figures, but you gotta be disappointed in anybody acting like a complete bitch like that.

Then we got to learn more about his arrogance. You'll hear him proclaiming he's the best (yeah, f*** all your Kool G Rap's and your BDK's and your Killah Priests, n/h) and some other completely arrogant s***. Lets not even bring up the Playgirl s***.

Going into his music, his album was the most overrated album out last year. It was good as far as commercial rap is concerned, but that was a 3 star effort. I've heard much better.

His beats have increasingly been criticized by others and me for 3 reasons:
1) he relies too heavily on speeding up and not really otherwise changing an old song
2) his work sounds increasingly repetitive and redundant
3) he adds way too many random gay s*** that ruins otherwise solid work.

His vocals were never his strong point, he gets attention for being "different" but truthfully, he's not that different and more importantly, he's not that good. Big L might have been going very much over the same topics as always, sounding like Lord Finesse or some other kids, but that kid was just plain good, n.h. Kanye is considered different even though really, he's not when, and more importantly hes not good.

His voice is the same as Ma$e, Loon, P. Diddy, 50 Cent, etc. It's slow and mumbling. Nothing special. His lyrics are at times cliched, at times clever, but in the end just really strictly average.

And so far, he is still not that much of a pain, nh.

But what really makes Kanye a target of hate is that he did not write (for the most part) nor produce his big single, "Jesus Walks." An Indinapolis-based MC named Rhymefest did.

Check the original Rhymefest version here.

It's a pretty well-known fact that the song has existed for around 3 years. Take for example this quote from David Drake (Kanye-supporter, appearently)

"Yeah my friend alex (fellow chicagoan) was singing that jesus walks s*** two years ago. But whatever."

Or check this old Rhymefest interview:

"I was going around this town performing 'Jesus Walks' two years ago," [Rhymefest] says. "I even gave it to a radio station. You think they played it? No."

As a little side rant, I'd like to say that that goes to show the radio doesnt play songs based on how good they are - they won't play "Jesus Walks" (in the same station) till it gets some major label support. But whatever.

Anyway you slice that s***, it's wack. His big, defining moment about Jesus and him is really about Jesus and some other dude. What the f*** is he? Dr. Dre?

[As a side note: Dre is a much better producer, and no one argues that he's a great rapper. Compare to his ghostwriter-assisted partner, Mr. West.]

Even Kane, with how legendary he is....if "Ain't No Half-Steppin'" was written by some other guy....thatd still be lame.

With TGW's album around the corner, "Still Too Dumb for College" or whatever it's called, let's not support this bulls***. Download it and burn a copy to all your friends.

And finally, sign the petition.

djxplicit out.

Mindset Army, bitches.

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