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by kenn on 5/13/2005 05:15:00 PM

Sean "Jay Z" Carter and Kimora Lee Simmons Join up to Make Cover of Urb1 Magazine's #2 Issue



Jay Z and Kimora Lee Simmons will be the major duo featured on the cover of URB1 Magazine. URB1 Magazine the first magazine to cover the Hip Hop Fashion scene within the streets of the United states. Retailed at URB1Mag.com, it is also trying to become the first magazine to literally offer enough Hip Hop Fashion shopping discounts inside it's magazine to cover it's retail.

Detroit, MI (PRWEB) May 13, 2005 -- Urb1 Magazine has announced their #2 issue's cover will be none other than Sean "Jay Z" Carter and Kimora Lee Simmons. The company will be prepared to launch the May-June issue in late May. URB1 Magazine's #2 issue will be a collector's item for shoe collectors, Hip Hop music fans, and any people in Urban and Hip Hop culture that have a special interest for the fashion.

URB1 magazine's founder and co-owner, Rodrick Rainey announced to the public "URB1 Magazine does not want to represent only 1 side of the Urban and Hip Hop Fashion culture. The staff and I really put forth an effort to show the best of both sexes inside this URB1 publication. Mr. Carter and Mrs. Lee-Simmons are two of the Hip Hop fashion industry's leaders right now. The style and passion they've brought to the table easily deserve this cover."

Sean "Jay Z" Carter, a Hip Hop music and fashion pioneer, is one of the founders and co-owners of Rocawear clothing company. URB1 Magazine, which is retailed at www.Urb1Mag.com, will talk about the status of Jay Z's coming formal wear clothing line, his watch collection, Rocawear, Rocawear Jewelry, and even more.

Kimora Lee Simmons, who's the foundation for Baby Phat clothing, will have an article that penetrates the surface of many projects she's currently involved in. Leading the "Chic" movement in more than just Urban and Hip Hop fashion, her line has crossed all barriers of women's fashion. Involved in multiple jewelry and accessory products, Baby Phat, her own fragrance, and more, Urb1 Magazine is a must for women of style.

Sold at Urb1Mag.com exclusively, URB1 Magazine has outdone other independent magazines in sales many times over, thanks to it's original theme and content. Over 2,000 subscribers signed up for the magazine in January alone.

When asked how the magazine does so well, the founder, who prefers to be called "Rod" said "I don't know how we do this well. No major fashion labels or industries support us, but they'll see the light later when they have to come to us. Right now I'm just focused on bringing a magazine with 52 pages or better of hot content. Of those 52 (pages), maybe 4 will be advertisers, and we'll probably keep it that way for a while."

As a bonus to buying the magazine, subscribers to the publication have won over $1500 in fashion merchandise that ranges from jewelry to sneakers.

Also featured in the magazine is a 'monthly discount' which will be worth more than the subscription's cost. Currently featuring a discount code for DrJays.com in the #1 issue (Chicago's Bump J on cover), it saves the readers from paying shipping, handling, and tax fees on their purchases. On average, shipping costs $5.75 on a 1 item shipment, while URB1 Magazine costs $4.50 per copy, or $30 for an 8 issue subscription.

Everyone who shops online agrees this magazine is well worth the value it's being retailed at. Currently no physical stores are retailing URB1 magazine on their stands due to the overwhelming online response. Urb1 Magazine's President of Operations has said URB1 is trying to work with a limited amount of high traffic, major Urban and Hip Hop fashion chains to present the magazine available for retail beyond Urb1Mag.com.

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