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by rocafan on 4/05/2005 10:47:00 AM

HipHopGame.com Young Gunz Interview


So how's the album coming?

The album "Brothers from Another" is coming out May 24th. The first single with Swizz Beatz, "Time to Set It Off," the second single with Slim from 112, "Don't Keep Me Waiting." We're just here to get busy. We got the State Prop album, Bean's album…

Have you spoken to Beanie since he's been in jail?


Are you in the State Prop movie?

It's easy man. They let us go in there and do us. It's funny too because now when we look at movies we're laughing at the movies because we know at the end of the day we was doing the same thing. It's kind of funny to be able to do it. You gotta go in there in that mode at the time.

What roles were you playing?

In this one, dude's locked up in the beginning, we're in the street moving…I did a little work narrating…

What was about you guys that originally got you signed to Rocafella?

We was 14 spittin' crazy…sayin shit they couldn't believe. They thought we weren't writing our own shit. Jay told us to come back up in a week with 5 songs, we came back in 5 days…with 5 songs.

Who's the first person to discover you guys?

It was Rocafella, because that's who we let it get out there with. Chris Lighty from Violator came down to Philly and took our moms out to eat, picked us up in the hood, we talked business but it didn't work. We talked with Diddy but it didn't work out. We just felt comfortable with Jay. He's down to earth and he gives us a lot more freedom.

What's it like having Jay as a boss?

It's even better! We was working with him before he became president. He always was the boss though. With us as the priority, he's gonna make sure we do what we do. Everything has to be right. The first impression has to be the best.

How hands-on is he with your projects?

He still comes in the studio with us, it it ain't right we gotta do the verse over. If the beat ain't right he gets us another beat from a better producer…

What's it like working with Just Blaze?

Crazy! That's the studio we used to go to, Bassline, when we first came up we'd go there, Just and everybody else used to be up there.

There's rumors that State Prop is breaking up, is that true?

I be getting' the same rumors as you. Until we talk to Beans, we won't know. They put him as head of State Property. Everyone else from the clique is good…Freeway's over here, Peedi, everybody's working on their album. O and Sparks doin' what they do. Me and Neef come out May 24th.

What can we expect on the new album?

Fire! We matured a lot. This album, we recorded a lot of it on the road. The R-Kelly situation, the Rocafella spilt-up situation, our own lives…it don't stop…

What's the craziest tour story?

Oh man there's so many of them, I'm trying to think of a recent one…I think when we left one of the camera guys…we made him get out of the bus and get on the other van on the expressway and the van pulls off and he's chasing it! We were just fuckin with him because he kept on filming us…that was his job…we had to initiate him.

Neef: That's what we do. If you're new on the road, we initiate you! We turned all the lights out on the tour bus and threw the covers over their head and stomp them! And they gotta sleep on a bottom bunk…keep they ear to the streets!

What's a typical day like with the Young Gunz?

Oh man…you never know what's gonna happen. We like to go out and have fun. We ain't the party-type club guys but we'll probably go to Jillian's, where all the video games, pool tables, bowling…you know get a drink if you're legal, smoke some bud if you legal…

That's not legal anywhere around here…

If "you" legal. I said…that ain't legal…I said if "you" legal, I ain't smokin' with no minors!

Do you check ID's for groupies?

Yeah man, it's crazy. You know we ain't that old ourself though. 18 and up is fine! We know how to choose 'em, but we like older women anyway.

How old?

26 and up!

And this concludes our interview with the Young Gunz.

by Brian Kayser

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