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by rocafan on 4/07/2005 08:34:00 AM

April 2005 M.O.P. Newsletter


Yea yea ... We back.. aight!! Two things, ok more than two things but lets not get to that right now. This is your boy Laze" ratified general of the Firing Squad and First Family overboss. It’s been a while since my last update. So you know its gonna be chock full of the crazy shit, big shout out to my swedish contingent they always hold me dowm. Puss puss. Welcome to america Hanna and the rest of the Swedish crew.

Anyway on the M.O.P front here is the play by play. Dame and Jay split, yall know that part. Rocafella Records was re- aquired by Hov. (we luv hov, but initialy that didnt sit right with us.) never the less Def Jam gave Hov the Roc, and the R.O.C. seeing the upcoming mound of bullshit that we were headed for we then secured our release. Better to be free than to nigg - otiate from a position of weakness. (feel me) Hov offered us a situation but we felt it would be better if Dame was involved as well. We feel that those two are a great team. Sort of getting "the best of both worlds" (feel me). Any way lawyer/lyer months past and we got tired of waiting. We put together another sick Marxmen Cd and are set to put it out through koch. That will hold us down till the new deals close, (fuck around koch get us a plaq we might stay right there, that indie money is great ask Jim Jones, Alchemist, Suge Night, and Master P. ) Anyway 50 cent, I mean, Fiddy cent, called us. He wants to talk about doing something. I was very impressed by that, didnt know that we were on the G-UNIT radar. Hmm M.O.P PP UNIT ah could be...

Also, Beyonces ( Beyoouunce’s )father, Matthew Knowles, offered us a deal through Sanctuary, I dont’ think Jay Z was cool with that. I mean do you you think he want us wild ass pack of wolves around his beautiful B.? I mean really... (hmm imagine that Fame having thanksgiving dinner with the Knowles family) and will Foxx be the newest member of Destiny Child? I just wanna know... Give it that real hardcore edge Jack’. Just kidding (fuck around Jay may do a diss record . niggaz cant even joke no more in Hip Hop.)

Anyway, Wyclef did a great version of M.O.P’s "Hip Hop Cops" with us. Ya’ll gotta get up on it. Wanted me to let yall The new Fugees record is coming 06, (I personally think that they should drop the Fugees release Before any of their solo releases, the world needs The Fugees)

Big shout out to Busta Rhymes! His new album, it’s crazy. Its coming out on Aftermath. I was talking to Q tip the other day, he said he is back to making beats. I gotta get some of those.

Well, I was in a writing mood until Frida started asking mad questions about bullshit... By the way, I just met Fridas new friend Hanna today, she’s hot... im gonna teach her how to box so her Frida and Lotta can mud wrestle...yall could come i’m selling tickets Opuch ouch they beating my ass. Anyway, I think all the deals are closing this month ... more M.O.P. get that S.T. Marxmen Album, its fucking sick! To all yall fake ass niggaz gets these nutz. First Family 4 Life, to my European crew, see you in Spain in may.

P.P.S. On a serious note salute to ODB RIP, blessings to his family, and to the hundreds of thousands of people that lost their lives in that global hiccup. Called a tsunami.( i hope it wasnt cause of any nuclear testing...



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