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by rocafan on 3/05/2005 08:34:00 AM

Sigel's Cd Moved Up To End Of Month


Beanie Sigel Blasts From Behind Bars

New Album The B. Coming Hits Streets 3/29, As Film Sequel To Gangster Classic "State Property" Hits Theaters 4/13

The 3RD Album To Be First From Damon Dash Music Group

NEW YORK, NY – February 3, 2005 – Beanie Sigel may be serving a one-year sentence in a federal prison, but the notorious Philly-bred MC and actor is about to be everywhere. Thanks to feverish months of planning and a grueling work schedule leading up to his November 8th incarceration – he once shot 5 videos in 5 days – Sigel is positioned to take his storied career to new heights. With the March 29th release of his long-awaited third solo effort and first release from the new Damon Dash Music Group, The B.Coming, and the April 13th theatrical release of the Dash Films production "State Property 2," the sequel to the 2000 street classic, "B. Mac" is most definitely back.

Sigel’s troubles, trials and tribulations have of course been well-documented. His trial last fall on a Federal weapons charge became a media frenzy, as daily court proceedings were attended by friends like DMG president and CEO Damon Dash, Jay-Z and Beyonce, Kanye West, and State Property members Freeway and the Young Gunz. Throughout that painful ordeal, Sigel somehow ran his State Property clothing label, completed work on the State Property 2 film, shot 5 music videos, and finished recording his album The B.Coming.

Considered by critics to be one of the fiercest lyricists in hip-hop, Beans has taken his game to another level on The B.Coming. Over menacing beats provided by in-house producers Boola and Chad "Wes" Hamilton, as well as big name vets like Just Blaze, Buckwild and DJ Scratch, Sigel channels the stress, paranoia, depression and rage he experienced throughout the many months of house arrest and court appearances. The result is Mac’s most personal, intimate and raw album to date. "When I started recording this album, I was going to call it The Great Depression," says Beans. "But over the course of making the album, I went from a really dark to place to a place where I feel I’ve grown and matured as a man and a father and a businessman. The title The B.Coming really sums that all up." Tracks like the opener "Feel It In The Air," "Wanted" featuring Cam’ron, and "Tale Of A Hustler Pt. 2" conjure the paranoia of a life in the streets and on the run, while the plaintive "Lord Have Mercy" finds Beans contemplating regret and praying for forgiveness. But on "Change" and the finale "Look At Me Now," Sigel finds something like hope and redemption. Throughout, The B.Coming rolls by like epic cinema, following the life of a man in transformation.

Of course, Beans is a lyricist first - a Broad Street bully on the mic – and he proves it on the album’s more upbeat moments. The incredible first single "Don’t Stop," featuring Snoop Dogg and produced by the Neptunes, is a pure banger, a delicious slice of Neptunes dancefloor/radio pop. On the mixtape smashes "Gotta Have It," and the spooky "Flatline," both featuring State property protégé Peedi Crakk, Beans plays street-corner battle rapper, welcoming and crushing all comers. The B.Coming’s finer moments prove what fans have long known: Beanie Sigel is a master.

"Beanie Sigel is an incredibly talented individual," boasts mentor and label head Damon Dash. "We’ve known that for a long time. But I promised this man when he went away that I would not stop until the entire world knows what he’s capable of. Not only is he one of the illest rappers alive, he’s a savvy businessman, and an incredible actor. I think when people see his growth and talent as an actor in ‘State Property 2,’ it’s really going to turn a lot of heads."

Sigel turns in a star performance in State Property 2, which also features Dash, Omilio Sparks and N.O.R.E in major roles. The film is an urban take on a classic gangster tale; Three druglords – Dame, Sparks and a jailed Beans – claw their way to the top while battling envy, greed, deceit and each other. A Dash Films productions, and directed by Dash, State Property 2 is distributed by Lions Gate Films and hits theaters nationwide on April 13.

Beanie Sigel: rap legend, burgeoning film star. With a classic album and breakout film on the way, his future’s looking brighter than ever. Not bad for a guy behind bars.

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