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by rocafan on 2/26/2005 01:01:00 PM

Not Roc Related But Mad Funny


alright I really don't like Gunit but this stuff is funny. Especially the last one with Shiea Lebeuaf(From 'Even Stevens,' 'Battle Of Shaker Heights' and 'Constatine')dissing 50 and Game..lol Disney breeding gangstas...lol

- Fat Joe airs out 50 Cent on NYC radio. Around 1 am, NYC airwaves were on fire, when 50 Cent called into DJ Kay Slay's Drama Hour on Hot 97. Upon questioning from Slay, 50 began taunting rappers Fat Joe and Jadakiss -- saying that he'd "f#@$ Fat Joe up" and criticizing Joe and Jada's records sales and recent collabo with Ja Rule. 50 also blamed his problems on Jay-Z for not "ending ni99a's careers" back when they took shots at Hov. Minutes after 50's call ended, a peeved Fat Joe called the station and blasted 50 for disrespecting rappers to promote his album, The Massacre. Crack asserted that although 50's biggest hit was "In Da Club," the armored rapper is hardly seen in the clubs or in the 'hood.' Joey then cynically offered a $1,000 reward to anyone who could produce a picture of 50 at a club. He also criticized 50 for starting beef, yet surrounding himself with security. Crack went on the say the G-Unit General was crazy and challenge him to a one-on-one -- calling 50 "a long distance gangsta." "He can't even do an album release party, he had to do it in his house!" said Joe, citing 50's recent soiree held at his Connecticut estate. Slay let the angry Fat Joe go on for over 15 minutes addressing the current beef and comments from 50.

-50 Cent even disses The Game? Word has it that in the upcoming March issue of Vibe magazine, 50 Cent talks greasy about Aftermath/G-Unit spitter The Game. Fueling talk of tension between the two, 50 reportedly states that Game was on the verge of getting dropped by Interscope until he signed with G-Unit. 50 also tells Vibe that Game's CD is all songs and ideas he didn't use for his own project. 50 also revealed that he and Game got into a "pushing match," because Game doesn't know "when to shut up." And regarding The Game's appearance on the Jim Jones album on Koch Records, 50 say he wouldn't let Game affiliate himself with labels that were "beneath him" and that the only reason Game made an appearance in the Jim Jones' video is because Game "doesn't listen." Not long after word of the Vibe Magazine comments arose, a response was posted on Game's Black Wall Street website forum. The user, Hurricane Game, wrote "I'm signed to Dre not G-Unit. Nowhere in my contract does it say I'm signed to G-Unit, that's just my click. It was a one album deal, that was Jimmy Iovine's idea to make G-Unit stronger & also get me a lil' more exposure. 50 don't sign my checks, Jimmy Iovine does. So at the end of the day I'm "The Game" point blank. ni99as gone learn to keep my name out they mouth or get smashed & that goes for everybody." It's not known whether these words came from Game himself as he often posts under the name Chuck Taylor.

-The Game is a former stripper? According to Gangsta Flip Records and Silverback Guerillas member Domination, Compton rapper, The Game, used to be a stripper. Domination has said that Game was stripping while living in L.A. and fellow rapper Yukmouth has footage of Game in the act. Domination and GF Records CEO Bang'em Smurf have both made statements about Game and have said he "had tongue rings and all that sh!t." Though the tapes of Game haven't come to light yet, footage of The Game on the dating show "Change of Heart" can be found on the Internet.

-Constantine Shia Labeouf disses 50 Cent and The Game. After landing a supporting role alongside Keanu Reeves in the flick Constantine, fans of the young Shia Lebeouf might have been startled by his harsh words this week on "Last Call With Carson Daly." Labeouf commented to Carson that 50's lyrics have kind of gotten weak. He stated, "I don't know if you've noticed it, but his words are kind of waning." Carson then joked that the young actor was putting his life on the line, before Labeouf replied, "It was nice knowing you. It's over." Shia also got off a few shots at Game. "I don't like his lyrics," Labeouf said of Game, pointing to a guy in the audience clapping. "See, you're with me. It's not my type of stuff, I don't like that. And I'm a California kid, and he's right from my city, but I don't like him, at all."

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