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by kenn on 2/09/2005 01:00:00 PM

Jay-Z Disses Game?! We Have Great A Beef Peoples


Sadly, we have to forego our Black History blurb in lieu of a festering beef.

On his great debut album, The Game acknowledged a certain amount of friction between him and Jay-Z. Now, Game says it was probably over a line about Maybachs and button-ups and he basically said he doesn’t diss legends. Seems like Hova hasn't really forgiven or so we heard. We ARE NOT confirming this, but Jigga said something like this on the air of a NY radio station. "One more thing from him and I'ma end his career for him," he supposedly said. If we heard wrong, please let us know. But, it looks like you can’t dis Bleek and not be dissing Jay…

In the meantime, others heard something too. This is what somebody wrote on the internet…we don’t even know where its from, but we left it unedited.

Last night Jay-Z was on hot 97 along with Memphis Bleek, and the Young Gunz who are part of the new look Roc-A-Fella Records. After the show was completed Jay-Z spoke on The Game from G-Unit. He stated that he was sick and tired of The Game taking subliminal shots at him and hiding his hands behind his back. He was even more heated about The Game's continued disrespect to his roc-A-Fella Records artist Memphis Bleek. He stated he hears all the subliminal shots The Game mentions in his lyrics for example (the refrence to laying in marcy's projects if you mess with him and the line where he states he doesn't wear button ups or drive maybachs). Jay-Z said if he hears one more line that disrespects him or anybody affiliated with his team, he will single handedly end The Games career. Jay-Z stated that the verbal lashing will be far worse than the "Takeover" and the other diss records that were handed out when Roc-A-Fella was in it's prime. Jay-z explained that the reason he shot down being featured on The Game's album is because of his close affiliation with Memphis Bleek. He stated Bleek was consided family and anybody who disrepects his family is not far from having their career ended on wax. During the show Memphis Bleek stated that The Game was a clown and he needs to stay in his lane. He said The Game is not on his level and he wants to challenge The Game to a $10,000 battle on smack DVD hosted by funkmaster Flex. Bleek stated that The Game apologized to him in Miami while they were face to face and several days later The Game releases a diss records after he had told Memphis Bleek he was one of his biggest fans. Bleek stated that shows how much of a clown The Game really is. While Bleek was making these statements it was said Jay-Z was "ready for whatever" and he was behind Bleek 100%. Jay-Z stated they could bring it back to '01 when they battled the whole rap industry and created an industry shakedown. Jay-Z stated that the Young Gunz were already battle tested and were willing to end careers in their own right as well. Jay-Z stated that this is not the first time he has had a problem with The Game, he said that he had been growing angry at the continued shots at artists who were also affiliated with his label one being Joe Budden. Jay-Z stated that if you attempt to make an artist on his roster look bad you are trying to take money out of his pocket and he stated that is where he draws the line. However he stated with Bleek it is personal. Therefore consequences will come if The Game continues to take shots not only on wax but on radio stations in his Hometown New York City.

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