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Jay-Z & Timbaland »

What do you get when you take the greatest living rapper and the greatest hip hip producer. You get one hot album. Sign the petition and lets make it happen.

by kenn on 7/15/2004 10:56:00 AM

The Worst List

I found this list on the web. I think its a book of CD. No Jay-Z but a lot of Cam'Ron.

Worst 15 Male Rappers (15 because there are alot):

1) Master P
'Game Face'
(Horrible rapper, horrible producer... No Limit is dead... give up... and P. Miller wear, who wears that besides himself and lil romeo?)

2) Baby
("Birdman" a.k.a. "#1 Stunna"... the only thing i'm "stunned" at is how bland he can be...)

3) Juelz Santana
'From Me to U'

4) Ja Rule
'The Last Temptation'
(I'm assuming that 'yelling' is his technique of sounding tough...)

5) N.O.R.E. (Noreaga)
'God's Favorite'

6) Mase
'Double Up'
(rapper turn reverand... thats a line you don't hear everyday)

7) Nelly
(Rapping is one thing... repeating nursery rhymes is another)

8) Magoo
'Welcome to Our World'
(sounds like he inhaled a few bottles of helium)

9) Cam'ron
'Come Home with Me'
(He started out ok. Along with losing weight, he also lost the talent)

10) P. Diddy
'P Diddy & Bad Boy Records Present: We Invented the Remix'
(formula: repeating "They Call me Diddy" + repeating bad boy + letting collaborator do the rest)

11) Benzino
(yawn... you can't redeem something you never had)

12) Joe Budden
'Joe Budden'
(he's new in the rap game... but his debut is weak)

13) Eminem
'The Eminem Show'
(oh shut up... don't give me this "he's deep" crap...)

14) Timbaland
'Indecent Proposal'
(he's a good producer [although he's been lacking lately], but his rhymes are wack... it's still better than magoo's though)

15) Jay Z
'Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse'
(i'll admit i like some of his material, but he's still much too overhyped)

Worst 5 Female Rappers:

1) Sarai
(do i need to even say anything?...is anybody even taking her seriously?)

2) Khia
'Thug Misses'
(One hit wonder... her album flopped how badly?)

3) Trina
'Diamond Princess'
(Formula: repeating "Im the baddest B*!@#" + repeating P***Y + Trick Daddy)

4) Da Brat
'Limelite Luv & Niteclubz (Bonus DVD)'
(she use to be aightt, now she turned omega-"stomach-churningly"-wack!!!)

5) Missy Elliott
'This is Not a Test'
(Another case where an artist loses weight... along with the talent)

Worst 5 Rap Groups:

1) Ying Yang Twins
'Alley Return of the Ying Yang Twins'
(Ying Yang Twins are two O.D.B. rejects. They are horrible, just horrible)

2) Cam'ron's "The Diplomats (Dipset)"
'Diplomatic Immunity'

3) Irv Gotti's "The Murderers/Murder Inc"
'Irv Gotti Presents The Inc.'
(Formula: shouting "Its Murdah!" + Ashanti singing hook + a few rhyming lines)

4) Big Tymers
'Hood Rich'
(Big Tymers are lame... one hit and they think they're "hood rich"? Please...)

5) Nas' "Bravehearts"
'Bravehearted' [its not released yet]
(no offense to Nas, but his group is wack)

Worst 5 R&B Groups (They're generally pop-r&b):

1) B2K
'Pandemonium (Spec Ed) (Bonus DVD)'
(Generic "Teen-Pixiestick-sweet-"I love you" crap)

2) 3LW
'Girl Can Mack'
(three retarded little girls... one left... so they replaced a retard with another retard)

3) 702
(They suck... so they resort to "The Neptunes" to cover their horrible singing with "ok" beats...sorry, that doesn't cut it for me)

4) Blaque
(I give Left Eye props for good intentions... but this group is genuwinly retarded)

5) Destiny's Child
(It started out good... then after 3 (well, its gonna be 4) transformations, it turned stupid)

Worst 5 Male R&B:

1) Mario
(One hit wonder... and then disappeared... stupid people, who is responsible for signing this mediocrecy?)

2) Sisqo
'Return of Dragon'
(still living in the past; give it up! Dru Hill is dead, "The Thong Song" is dead... your career... its DEAD!)

3) Tyrese
'I Wanna Go There'
(It seems if you have a muscular body, you're automatically a good singer; i beg to differ)

4) Justin Timberlake
(sorry, just becauseyou get a few beats from Timbaland & Neptunes doesnt make you ghetto or R&B)

5) Ginuwine'Senior'
(Leaving Timbaland: Stupid Move)

Worst 5 Female R&B:

1) Ashanti
'Chapter II'
(Where do i start? Generic (Very Stupid, immature, over-used, same-formula) lyrics, stealing beats, self-proclaiming that she's the "Princess" of R&B, do not make me laugh)

2) Jennifer Lopez
'This Is Me...Then'
(a.k.a. "J. Lo" a.k.a. "Jenny From The Block" a.k.a. "Lesbian from the horrible movie 'Gigli' "; horrible singing)

3) Lumidee
'Almost Famous'
(musically deaf... probably gonna be another one hit wonder)

4) Ms. Dynamite
'A Little Deeper'
(a wannabe Lauryn Hill / dumbed down version of Nelly Furtado / can't keep a steady note... so how'd she win this "Mercury" award again?)

5) Brandy
'Full Moon'
(we don't care about you anymore...even if you did have a baby and got divorced)

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