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by kenn on 7/05/2004 04:20:00 PM

Peedi Crakk: "It's not the hood and I'm not dealing with hoodlums..."

This is old new but I still want to post it. After buzzing from countless mixtape appearances and cameos, Peedi Crakk's momentum was interrupted by an 8-month bid in the pen. Now, free and focused, Crakk speaks to SOHH.com about his new attitude, living with Dame Dash and the shady ways of Just Blaze.

Since signing with Roc-A-Fella, most State Property members including Beanie Sigel and Young Gunz have had run-ins with the law. Yet, despite his recent bid for firearm possession, Crakk is confident he's ready to handle the transition from the streets to the fame.

"I see it more clear now. I see the transition. It's a whole different world. It's not the hood and I'm not dealing with hoodlums," Crakk told SOHH.com via phone. "This is the business world and I'm dealing with business men so I had to change my whole attitude about sh!t."

Crakk has now been free for roughly a month and a week. Since his release, he's been living at Dame Dash's crib in a sort of "Roc-A-Fella bootcamp" to get back on track.

"It's been cool. Dame wanted to take more of an interest into me. It's like he feels kind of responsible for me now. He's like 'Crakk, you the next ni99a so I gotta get you right. I need you right here with me'," Peedi explained regarding moving in with Dash. "He took the next step forward and I've been flying all around the world with this ni99a for the past two weeks now. And now we're in New York and we're just staying at one of his condo joints, working on some sh!t. He just wants me right there. He wanna have his eyes on me."

Whenever he's in the big apple, Crakk hits the lab to work on his album and make tons of mixtape material in the process.

"I've been f#@$ing with my ni99a Nore a lot. Nore got a studio down here, I've been f#@$ing with him. He got his little ni99a Cardan from Harlem World. That's my ni99a, I just did a song with him," Crakk offered. "I've just been really lampin out. I ain't really lampin, lampin, like lazy lampin, but when I'm not working on a song or something, I'm just chilling back watching Dame or watching what's going on. I got to learn. I'm learning right now and I really wanna know this sh!t so when I do make this money I can keep it."

Crakk claims to have 75% of his album done. While a release date has yet to be determined, he is scheduled to drop "I Gotta Have It" featuring Beanie Sigel next month. According to Crakk, the record's response will dictate his album's release date. And while he doesn't wish to team up with too many emcees, expect Noreaga to appear on his debut LP.

"I like f#@$ing with Nore cause me and Nore got that same kind of twist, not exactly, but I think we attract the same type of crowd of ni99as and girls so I like working with Nore," Peedi revealed. "I wouldn't mind f#@$ing with Nore on the album cause I did a joint with Nore, but it ain't make the album cause this ni99a Just Blaze, this suck ass ni99a, sold the beat. Just Blaze sold the beat on me so we couldn't use it. He sold it to Nick Cannon on some bullsh!t. It was out on the street. We leaked it but we just can't use it." [Editor's Note: The track appears on Nick Cannon's debut album. Get Crunk Shorty featuring The Ying Yang Twins & Fat Man Scoop.]

Peedi Crakk and Benie Sigel's "I Gotta Have It" single hits the streets in July. In the meantime, enjoy this snippet of I'm Back (Windows Media: Dial-Up | Broadband).

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