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Jay-Z & Timbaland »

What do you get when you take the greatest living rapper and the greatest hip hip producer. You get one hot album. Sign the petition and lets make it happen.

by kenn on 4/29/2004 11:38:00 PM

Kanye Tracklist

Here is a more complete list of Kanye's tracks. Man that Turn It Out track was one of my favorites. I had no idea he made that track. I popped out my 5-6 year album booklet and there it was. Kanye WEst. Its like Kanye went back in time and change as many track to his name as possible, lol. What you think Charles remember we was talking about my JD album a few days ago, lol, Life in 1472. Cot damn Kanye... KANYE! lol

Grav - Down To Earth (Oct. 11, 1996)
12. One Puff

Jermaine Dupri - Jermaine Dupri Presents: Life in 1472 (Jul. 17, 1998)
01. Turn It Out (feat. Nas)
Sample: Davey D - One For the Treble (Fresh)

Foxy Brown ? Chyna Doll (Nov. 17, 1998)
03. My Life
Sample: The Ohio Players - Pride And Vanity

Harlem World ? The Movement (Mar. 09, 1999)
02. You Made Me (feat. Carl Thomas and Nas)
Sample: Jim Croce ? Time In A Bottle
03. Minute Man (feat. Nauty)
Sample: Bill Withers ? Lovely Day
08. 100 Shiesty?s (feat. Drag-On)
Sample: None

Infamous Syndicate ? Changing The Game (Mar. 16, 1999)
06. What You Do to Me (feat. Kanye West)
Sample: ?
08. Clock Strikes 12 (feat. Fatal)
Sample: ?
13. City of Hustlaz
Sample: ?

Trina & Tamara ? Trina & Tamara (May 11, 1999)
03. Joanne - (co-produced with D-Dot)
Sample: George Benson - California Dreaming

Made Men - Classic Limited Edition (Aug. 24, 1999)
02. Just You And I
Sample: ?

Puff Daddy - Forever (Aug. 24, 1999)
01. Forever (Intro)
Sample: ?

Madd Rapper ? Tell ?Em Why U Madd (Sep. 21, 1999)
04. You?re All Alone (feat. Picasso Black) - (co-produced with D-Dot)
Sample: ?
05. That?s What?s Happenin? (feat. Ma$e and Tracey Lee) ? (co-produced with D-Dot)
Sample: Sylvia Striplin - Give Me Your Love
09. Stir Crazy (feat. Eminem)
Sample: ?
11. Ghetto (feat. Raekwon and Carl Thomas) - (co-produced with D-Dot)
Sample: ?
15. Too Many Ho?s (feat. Jermaine Dupri and Lil? Cease) - (co-produced with D-Dot)
Sample: ?
17. Not The One (feat. Oh! Ficial) - (co-produced with No I.D.)
Sample: ?

Beanie Sigel ? The Truth (Oct. 19, 1999)
01. The Truth
Sample: Graham Nash ? Chicago

Goodie Mob - World Party (Dec. 21, 1999)
09. Rebuilding - (ghost-produced under D-Dot)
Credit: ?

Dead Prez - Let's Get Free (Mar. 14, 2000)
16. It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop
Sample: ?

Da Brat ? Unrestricted (Apr. 11, 2000)
17. Chi-Town
Sample: ?

Lil Kim ? The Notorious K.I.M. (Jun. 27, 2000)
12. Don?t Mess With Me (Heartbreaker) - (co-produced with D-Dot)
Sample: Pat Benatar - Heartbreaker

Jagged Edge ? Let?s Get Married [12?] (Jul. 04, 2000)
02. Let?s Get Married (Reception Remix) (feat. Kanye West)
Sample: Hall and Oates - Grounds for Separation

Jay-Z - The Dynasty Roc la Familia (Oct. 31, 2000)
05. This Can?t Be Life (feat. Beanie Sigel and Scarface)
Sample: Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes ? I Miss You

Abstract Mindstate the M.O.D. ? We Paid Let Us In! (Jun. 12, 2001)

Beanie Sigel ? The Reason (Jun. 26, 2001)
01. Nothing Like It
Sample: The Dynamic Superiors - Ain't Nothin' Like The Real Thing
10. Gangsta, Gangsta (feat. Kurupt)
Sample: ?

Funkmaster Flex ? Respect Carter [12?] (Aug. ?, 2001)
01. Geda K ? Respect Carter
Sample: Diana Ross ? Love Hangover

Jay-Z ? The Blueprint (Sep. 11, 2001)
02. Takeover
Sample: The Doors ? Five to One
03. Izzo (H.O.V.A.)
Sample: Jackson 5 ? I Want You Back
08. Heart of the City (Ain?t No Love)
Sample: Bobby ?Blue? Bland - Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City
09. Never Change
Sample: David Ruffin ? Common Man
13-3. Girls, Girls, Girls (Remix) (Bonus Track)
Sample: The Persuaders ? Trying Girls Out

Rhymefest - Raw Dawg (Dec. 20, 2001)
02. Good Ass Job (feat. Micky)
03. On 10 In A Benz
08. In Time

State Property ? State Property (Dec. 11, 2001)
11. Beanie Sigel and Freeway ? Got Nowhere
Sample: ?

The Reepz ? All Things Come To An End? (Jan. 01, 2002)
07. Passed Away
Sample: ?

Cam?ron ? Come Home With Me (May 14, 2002)
12. Dead or Alive (feat. Jimmy Jones)
Sample: Buffy Sainte- Marie ? Lazarus

Knoc-Turn?al - L.A. Confidential Presents: Knoc-Turn'al (Jul. 30, 2002)
02. Muzik (also appears on ?The Transporter? OST)
Sample: Wings ? Old Siam, Sir

Scarface ? The Fix (Aug. 06, 2002)
03. In Cold Blood
Sample: Gladys Knight and The Pips - And This Is Love
04. Guess Who?s Back (feat. Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z)
Sample: The Originals ? Sunrise
11. Heaven (feat. Kelly Price) ? (co-produced with Tommy Mix)
Sample: The Temptations - That Heaven Kind Of Feeling

Trina ? Diamond Princess (Aug. 27, 2002)
05. B R Right (feat. Ludacris)
Sample: None
16. Do You Want Me? (feat. Bathgate)
Sample: ?

Nas ? The Lost Tapes (Sep. 02, 2002)
11. Poppa Was A Playa ? (supposedly ghost-produced by Kanye under D-Dot)
Sample: Eddie Kendricks - The Newness Is Gone

Various Artists ? Paid In Full OST (Sep. 10, 2002)
Disc 2: The Dream Team
01. Dame Dash, Kanye West, Beanie Sigel, Cam'ron, Young Chris, Twista ? Champions
Sample: Queen ? We Are The Champions

Various Artists ? Brown Sugar OST (Sep. 24, 2002)
04. Black Star ? Brown Sugar (Raw)
Sample: None
07. Breakdown
14. Mos Def ? Brown Sugar (Fine)
Sample: Norman Connors ? Invitation

Jay-Z ? The Blueprint²: The Gift & the Curse (Nov. 12, 2002)
Disc 1: The Gift
01. A Dream (feat. Faith Evans and The Notorious B.I.G.)
Sample: The Notorious B.I.G. ? Juicy (vocal sample)
04. ?03 Bonnie & Clyde (feat. Beyoncé Knowles)
Sample: 2Pac ? Me and My Girlfriend (re-interpretation), Prince ? If I Was Your Girlfriend (vocal interpolation)
08. Poppin? Tags (feat. Twista, Killer Mike, and Big Boi)
Sample: The Marvelettes ? After All
Disc 2: The Curse
06. Some People Hate
Sample: Brian & Brenda Russell ? Word Called Love

Talib Kweli ? Quality (Nov. 19, 2002)
03. Get By
Sample: Nina Simone ? Sinnerman
Love - Doggone (drums)
09. Guerrilla Monsoon Rap (feat. Black Thought and Pharoahe Monch)
Sample: The Chi-Lites - Never Had It So Good
14. Good to You
Sample: Al Green - Simply Beautiful

Mystic ? Breathe (Better Days) [12?] (?, 2003)
01. Breathe (Better Days) (feat. Donell Jones)
Sample: ?

Rolling Stones

Philadelphia Freeway (Feb. 25, 2003)
10. Turn Out the Lights (Freewest)
Sample: None
14. Hear the Song (feat. Tarrey Torae)
Sample: ?

Fabolous ? Street Dreams (Mar. 04, 2003)
17. My Life (feat. Mary J. Blige)
Sample: Mary J. Blige ? What?s The 411? (feat. Grand Puba) (re-sample of the following: Debra Laws ? Very Special (vocal interpolation), Ohio Players ? Pride and Vanity)

Street Dreams

Lil? Kim ? La Bella Mafia (Mar. 04, 2003)
16. Came Back For You
Sample: Irene Reid ? Didn?t We

Cam'ron Presents the Diplomats ? Diplomatic Immunity (Mar. 11, 2003)
Disc 1
01. Un Casa ? Un Casa (Intro) (ghost produced by All Day)
Sample: ?

Dwele - Subject (May 20, 2003)
10. Hold On
Sample: ?

Monica ? Alter The Storm (Jun. 17, 2003)
06. Knock Knock ? (co-produced with Missy Elliott)
Sample: The Masqueraders - It's A Terrible Thing To Waste My Love

Boo & Gotti ? Perfect Timing (Jul. 22, 2003)
07. Gangsta
Sample: None
15. 600 (feat. Black Child)
Sample: None

Royce da 5?9? ? Build & Destroy: The Lost Sessions, Pt. 1 (Jul. 29, 2003)
16. Heartbeat
Sample: Jr. Walker - Darling Come Back Home

T.I. ? Trap Muzik (Aug. 19, 2003)
05. Doin? My Job
Sample: Bloodstone ? I?m Just Doing My Job
11. Let Me Tell You Something
Sample: Roger ? I Want To Be Your Man

Nappy Roots ? Wooden Leather (Aug. 26, 2003)
12. These Walls
Sample: ?

DMX ? Grand Champ (Sep. 16, 2003)
04. Dogs Out
Sample: The Shirelles - Dedicated To the One I Love

Consequence ? Turn Yaself In [UK 12?] (Sep. 20, 2003)
01. Turn Yaself In
Sample: ?

Kanye West ? Through the Wire [12?] (Sep. 30, 2003)
01. Through the Wire
Sample: Chaka Khan ? Through the Fire
03. Two Words (feat. Mos Def and Freeway)
Sample: Mandrill - Movement IV

Malik Yusef - Malik Yusef Presents... The Greatest Chicago Fire - Cold Day in Hell (Sep. 30, 2003)
02. Get Ready (feat. Carl Thomas)
Sample: ?
08. Wouldn?t You Like To? (feat. Common, Kanye West, and JV)
Sample: ?

Ludacris ? Chicken-N-Beer (Oct. 7, 2003)
03. Stand Up (feat. Shawnna)
Sample: ?

Britney Spears - Me Against the Music (Remixes) (Maxi Single) (Nov. 11, 2003)
07. Me Against The Music (feat. Madonna) (Kanye West Remix)
Sample: ?

Jay-Z ? The Black Album (Nov. 14, 2003)
04. Encore
Sample: John Holt - I Will
12. Lucifer
Sample: Max Romeo ? Chase the Devil

Alicia Keys ? The Diary of Alicia Keys (Dec. 2, 2003)
06. You Don?t Know My Name
Sample: The Main Ingredient ? Let Me Prove To You

Memphis Bleek ? M.A.D.E. (Dec. 16, 2003)
07. I Wanna Love You (feat. Donell Jones)
Sample: Michael Jackson ? P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) (re-interpretation and vocal interpolation)

Twista - Kamikaze (Jan. 27, 2004)
04. Slow Jamz (feat. Kanye West and Jamie Foxx)
Sample: Luther Vandross ? A House Is Not A Home
05. Overnight Celebrity
Sample: Lenny Williams - 'Cause I Love You
09. One Last Time
Sample: ?

Kanye West - College Dropout (Feb. 10, 2004)
01. Intro
Sample: None
02. We Don't Care
Sample: Jimmy Castor Bunch - I Just Wanna Stop
03. Graduation Day
04. All Falls Down (feat. Syleena Johnson)
Sample: Lauryn Hill - Mystery of Iniquity (interpolation)
05. I'll Fly Away
06. Spaceship (feat GLC and Consequence)
Sample: Marvin Gaye - Distant Lover
07. Jesus Walks
Sample: ARC Choir - Walk With Me
08. Never Let Me Down (feat. Jay-Z and J-Ivy)
Sample: Blackjack - Maybe It's the Power Of Love
09. Get 'Em High (feat. Talib Kweli and Common)
10. Workout Plan
Sample: None
11. The New Workout Plan
12. Slow Jamz (feat. Twista and Jamie Foxx)
Sample: Luther Vandross ? A House Is Not A Home
13. Breathe In Breathe Out (feat. Ludacris) - (co-produced with Brian "All Day" Miller)
Sample: None
14. School Spirit Skit 1
Sample: None
15. School Spirit
Sample: Aretha Franklin - Spirit In the Dark
16. School Spirit Skit 2
Sample: None
17. Lil' Jimmy Skit
18. Two Words (feat. Mos Def and Freeway)
Sample: Mandrill - Movement IV (Encounter)
19. Through The Wire
Sample: Chaka Khan - Through the Fire
20. Family Business
Sample: Death In Vegas - All That Glitters
21. Last Call - (co-produced by Evidence)

Grafh - I Don't Care (The Official Mixtape) (Feb. 20, 2004)
07. Damage is Done
Sample: ?

Rick Ross - Free From Slip N Slide EP (Feb. 20, 2004)
01. Intro (feat. Kanye West)

Slum Village - Selfish [12"] (Feb. 24, 2004)
01. Selfish (feat. Kanye West)
Sample: Aretha Franklin - Call Me

Carl Thomas - Let's Talk About It (Mar. 23, 2004)

Dead Prez - Revolutionary But Gangsta (Mar. 30, 2004)
2 tracks

Janet Jackson - Damita Jo (Mar. 30, 2004)
04. Strawberry Bounce - (co-produced with Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, and Janet Jackson)
Sample: Jay-Z - Can I Get A (interpolation)
05. My Baby (feat. Kanye West) - (co-produced with Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, and Janet Jackson)
Sample: ?
12. I Want You - (co-produced with Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, and Janet Jackson)
Sample: BT Express - (They Long To Be) Close To You

Dilated Peoples - Neighborhood Watch (Apr. 6, 2004)
13. This Way (feat. Kanye West)
Sample: jimmie & vela - old men

Petey Pablo - Still Writing In My Diary: 2nd Entry (Apr. 6, 2004)
09. I Swear
Sample: ?

Brandy - TBA (Apr. ?, 2004)
Talk About Our Love

D-12 - D-12 World (Apr. 27, 2004)
D-12 World

Goodie Mob - One Monkey Don't Stop No Show (Apr. 27, 2004)
04. We Build Up

Jadakiss - Kiss Of Death (Jun. 1, 2004)

Mobb Deep - Amerikkka's Nightmare

Jin - The Rest Is History (Summer 2004)
I Got A Love
Sample: Lenny Williams - 'Cause I Love You

Common - Be
The Food
2 more tracks

Talib Kweli - Beautiful Struggle
I Tried (feat. Mary J. Blige)
Lonely People
Sample: The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby

Slum Village - Detroit Deli
Sample: Aretha Franklin - Call Me

Other Songs From Mixtapes Not Mentioned:

50 Cent from Kanye West - I'm Good
Y?all Not Ready - same beat as Beanie Sigel's "The Truth"

Love Is All Love

Beanie Sigel & Freeway
Philly ******

Carl Thomas
The Way That You Do (feat. Kanye West)

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly (feat. Kanye West)
Sample: Al Green - I Wish You Were Here

John Legend
I Use 2 Love You
Live It Up

GLC Of The GoGetters
Hood Celebrity
It Wasn't My Cadillac (with Najah)

Excuse Me Miss (Remix) (feat. Kanye West)

Kanye West
Intro (I?m Good?)
Intro (JeaniusLevelMusikKanyeWest Volume 2) - Marvin Gaye - Come Get To This
Home (feat. John Legend)
My Way - Paul Anka - My Way (vocals)
Is That Your Car?
Keep the Receipt (feat. Dirt McGirt)
Digital Thugz (feat. K-Oss and Mickey Flow of Cash Money)
Blueprint Compilation
Wack ****** (feat. Talib Kweli)
Heavy Hitters (feat. GLC)
All Falls Down (Self Conscious)
Breathe In, Breathe Out
Family Business
I Need 2 Know
U Know (feat. Belo, White Boy and John Legend)
Out The Game
Sample: Al Green - What A Wonderful Thing Love Is

Lauryn Hill - Mystery of Inquity

Mark Spitz
One More For Me (feat. Kanye West)

Deja Vu (Remix) (feat. Big Pun)

Murphy Lee
Dropdead Gorgeous (with Kanye West)

Rick Ross
Listen (Doin? My Job) ? same beat as T.I.?s ?Doin? My Job"

Knick Inna Optik

When I Die

Badonkadonk (not the Jazze Pha version)

Show Go On (feat. Freeway)
Sample: Average White Band - Daddy's All Gone

Grav - City to City
and he supposedly produced nearly all of Grav's lp "Down To Earth",
but nobody really knows cause of the shady business dealings that happened between kanye, no ID, Grav and Correct Records.

Mikkey - Superstar
Mikkey - Who Am I
Mikkey - I Know What a Gangster Is
Mikkey - Crazy Life
Mikkey - Foolish Game

Freeway - Will You Cry?

Do or Die - Higher

Aura - Crazy

Eve - Don't Get Caught

Gravy - The Beginning (jacked?)

Tapemasters Inc. - Red Heat (Hosted by Just Blaze)
09. Syleena Johnson - Bulls Eye
10. Kanye West and Dwele - Hold On (remix) (feat. Consequence)
Sample: Al Green - I'm Glad You're Mine

Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You (Remix)

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