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Jay-Z & Timbaland »

What do you get when you take the greatest living rapper and the greatest hip hip producer. You get one hot album. Sign the petition and lets make it happen.

by rocafan on 3/27/2004 09:10:00 AM

More Trouble For DJ's

When Jay-Z released the accapella version of his Black CD, remixers
jumped on the album, and the mash-up was on. DJ Dangermouse flipped it
with Beatles samples, which roundly brought charges of blasphemy from
the Recording Industry Of America (RIAA), EMI and others who had a
vested interest in the Fab Four's musical catalogue. Since the
Beatles' White album was flipped with Jigga's Black, it was dubbed the
Grey album. When Weezer's Blue CD was hooked up with Jay-Z's CD, it
would snag a title that was already made famous by the Rolling Stones,
the Black And Blue album.

Now, enter Sandman. The Double Black CD is Jigga spitting over
Metallica, courtesy of Minnesota DJ, Cheap Cologne. Because both
Metallica and Jay-Z have a Black album, this CD is known as the Double
Black album

When the RIAA caught a whiff of Cheap Cologne, they quickly sent him a
letter, warning, "This activity has not been authorized by our member
record companies, and must cease immediately." Before Lars Ullrich
could even show up to complain on CNN, a copy of the March 5, 2004
letter made its way to Lee Ballinger and Dave Marsh's longtime music
industry newsletter, Rock And Roll Confidential. In the letter,
Cologne was threatened with prison ("up to five years"), and/or a fine
up to $250.000. The turn of events with the Black album had the RIAA
only seeing red.

Fresh out the frying pan, into the fire, Cologne explained on MTV that
the whole thing was just a joke. Even if he does happen to be an
incredibly talented producer. No doubt, the album proves that you can
be mad talented and have an uncanny sense of humor. Just ask Eminem.

Cologne says that without any explanation, the RIAA called him "a few
days later and said it was a mistake." When he asked for further
clarification, it was refused.

Ironically, the Mouse, or at least his musical work, is attracting
major cheese. People were paying up to $160 on ebay for various
incarnations of the Grey Album. That kind of makes you wonder about
those claims from The RIAA that sales were down just because "people
don't want to pay for music anymore, and they just want to download it
for free." Ironically, the Grey album is one of those records that
proves people are willing to pay for their music---that is, if they
don't feel like they're getting ripped off.

Cologne says he only pressed 300 copies, which are promotional items,
in exchange for those who donate on Paypal and get his stickers
bearing his moniker, which are quickly becoming a fashionable statement.

Meanwhile, the Double Black album has received critical acclaim. Even
the NY Times acknowledged, "Metallica riffs turn Jay-Z into a rocker."
Double Black is permeated with quality, although it doesn't carry the
Good Housekeeping Seal of the RIAA.

Jay-Z's remake of Ice-T's "99 Problems," laced with Metallica's "Sad
But True," spins so sick, it's terminal. Another impressive track on
the disc is "Change Clothes," which was mixed with Metallica's "
Wherever I May Roam." Throughout the entire CD, as Metallica rides
shotgun behind Jay-Z, it becomes strikingly clear that there will
continue to be more of these studio creations in the future, whether
sanctioned or not.

Had it been Dr. Dre who had recorded this, it's likely that his label
would have left no stone unturned to get most of these samples
cleared. Unfortunately, Cheap Cologne doesn't have such corporate back
up, and with his talent, he really should.

Sad but true.
-written by some chick from LA...lol I forgot her name

***yo kenn you killin me with the aka's..lol

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