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What do you get when you take the greatest living rapper and the greatest hip hip producer. You get one hot album. Sign the petition and lets make it happen.

by kenn on 1/11/2004 08:08:00 AM

Launch.com Missy Interview: Snippet

LAUNCH: What support do you get from Janet Jackson?

MISSY: Well, actually, the funny thing is that I would never even think I would have had a chance to meet Janet. But actually, we went out last night, and you know, my thought is always to see what she's gonna say. And I didn't say anything about the "Pass That Dutch" video, but then she's like, "I love the video and I love the Dutch dance." So it always make me feel good to hear her opinion on stuff, and I value her opinion 'cause I grew up wanting to be a Janet and a Michael. So I love it. It's a blessing.

LAUNCH: How does it feel to be able to work with people like Janet and and Jay-Z and Lil' Kim and Eminem?

MISSY: It's a blessing. You know, to Jay-Z, I could say, "I want you to hop on this record," and he'll come to the studio and get on it. And I think that's from building a relationship during the years--if he need me for something, I'm there, and he's always been there for me. I'm the same way with all the other artists, and it feels good. It make you feel like your work isn't in vain, to see that they respect your music just as well as you respect theirs.

LAUNCH: When did you start producing?

MISSY: I was producing records for [my former group] Sista along with Timbaland, but it pretty much started more when I left Sista and started doing stuff with 702, and coming there with Tim on the Aaliyah project.

LAUNCH: How was it to work with Mya and Monica, and to see their songs take off?

MISSY: It feels like everything that happened with Monica and Mya was a blessing for me, 'cause I'm a female in a male-dominated field, and most of the time you are handled by the male producers. So when I look on TV and I see the Monica video or I turn on the radio and I hear Mya, it makes me wanna go and continue to do what I do. It becomes a motivation instead of a discouragement, 'cause I know a lot of females who do the exact same thing but just don't have the outlet to get their stuff out there. I was just blessed enough to have people who trusted my music: Mya, Monica, Aaliyah, Total, any of the female artists that trusted what I did, I appreciate that. Because it gave people a chance to see that it could be a female producer out there that stands in the lane with the male producers.

LAUNCH: What obstacles did you face on your way to producing?

MISSY: The obstacles that I had to deal with were actually none. I didn't really have obstacles becoming a producer. I think after the first record, people kind of could tell, "OK, she has something here between her and Timbaland, they have their own style." Fortunately, I didn't have to travel over hurdles to get here. As a artist, that's a different story, 'cause as a artist I didn't have that so-called look or image people were used to seeing on TV--to see a heavy-set girl come in the rap game. People understood Biggie being a heavy-set male, but you know, the girls are supposed to be in little tops and little panty outfits. And to see me coming and I got this big plastic bag on, that was hard for people to accept, but then I think once they saw the video, they said, "Hey, she got something kind of different here, so maybe let's wait until the second single to see if we really ready for the heavy girl to come here and try to get on and sing like that."

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