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by rocafan on 12/13/2003 09:04:00 PM

Random News

1. Jay-Z group top bids for Nets sale.
A group lead by Bruce Ratner, chairman of the New York Mercantile Exchange, Vince Viola and Jay-Z presently hold the highest bid to buy the New Jersey Nets. An outline to purchase the franchise was approved just this week -- prompting three groups to make substantial offers. While Stuart Feldman put $257 million up, Charles Kushner and New Jersey Senator Jon S. Corzine bid $267 million. However, the highest bid belongs to Ratner, Viola and Jay-Z, who plan to move the franchise to Brooklyn if they can seal the deal.

Earlier this week, Ratner's group held a presentation in which they revealed plans to build a $2.5 billion complex to house the team at the intersections of Atlantic and Flatbush avenues in Downtown Brooklyn. Mayor Mike Bloomberg, former Knick great Bernard King and Jiggaman were all on hand for the presentation held at Borough Hall in Brooklyn. Ratner's track record promises to play in the group's favor. His past accomplishments include the Metro Tech Center in Downtown Brooklyn while associate Frank Gehry, who would also work on the complex, has designed Spain's Guggenheim Museum and The NHL's Mighty Ducks' training facility.

2. College Dropout leaked on the internet.
Two months before its release date, Kanye West's College Dropout has been leaked to various internet outlets. However, the album's track listing is likely to change once it hits stores. The internet version include "Slow Jamz," which is now Twista's first single and a version of "Never Let Me Down" with Saul Williams in addition to Jay-Z. Though "Self-Conscious" has been advertised as the first single, the leaked version only features Kanye's Def Poetry version. West's buzz has obviously intensified lately. While sitting on 106 & Park's couch, Alicia Keys introduced Kanye, who got as much love as any star from the screaming teens.

3. Does Hov want to sign Blackstar?
First Hov graced the "Get By" remix with Talib Kweli and the "Hell Yeah" remix with dead prez. Then he shouted out Kweli and Common on "Moment Of Clarity" before doing the same thing on Howard Stern. Mos Def can be seen chatting with a model in Hov's "Change Clothes" video and with Kanye West ready to drop his solo LP, it's obvious the Roc is open to more than just 'trigger happy' emcees. Earlier this year, it was rumored that The Roc was negotiating with dp to add the duo to its already crowded roster. And lately, the streets have been speculating that Young wants to sign Mos Def and Talib Kweli to Roc-A-Fella. Various internet sources and publications, especially in the UK have included the possibility in their rumor section.

4. Golden Tickets still haven't been claimed.
It's been nearly a month since G-Unit's Beg For Mercy and Jay-Z's The Black Album hit stores. And while both releases have already sold over a million units, the golden tickets -- promising the prize of a Benz and G-Unit chain -- still haven't been claimed. Prior to its release, G-Unit announced a contest in which four golden tickets were to be included among the first 1 million CD's sold. The ticket holders were to win a custom made G-Unit link that spins like the one Young Buck proudly flaunts in videos. Jay-Z's golden ticket contest offered three winners a chance to win a Mercedes Benz. Though Hov's sales have surpassed the million mark for over a week, no one has come forward to claim the prizes.

5. 'Best of Twista' hits heavily.
In hope of livening the buzz already set by "Slow Jams," Heavy Hitters have dropped "Kamikaze Mix," a mixtape featuring Twista's most memorable performances as well as freestyles and cuts from his forthcoming album. The set, hosted by DJ Pharris, includes classics like "Is That Your Chick" and "Po Pimp" as well as Twista's stand out cameos on records with Busta Rhymes, Lil' Kim, Nappy Roots and Ludacris.

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