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by rocafan on 10/10/2003 08:32:00 AM

Jim Jones: Diplomatic Director

Six members of State Property, one crazy Wu-Tang member, four videos
and three days — those were the circumstances the Diplomats' Jim
Jones had to work with late last month when he directed the videos
for State Property's "When You Hear That," "Criminal
Background," "Want Me Back" and "Temporary Relief."
"Dame and 'Biggs' Burke sat me down and said they'd been watching my
progression ," explained Jones. "I only had a week for preparation.
In the line of work I'm in, I try to make it happen, 'cause I want a
lot of work."

He got just that, shooting on Staten Island one day, Midtown
Manhattan the next, and then upstate New York. The first day was for
a split video of "Want Me Back" and "When You Hear That." Jones
described the day as action-packed. He had the Young Gunz rapping on
the highway while being chased by the police for "Want Me Back."
Then while filming "When You Hear That," he had to put up with the
Dirt McGirt's theatrics.

"It's kind of a funny story with ODB," Jimmy said with a
chuckle. "He was supposed to show up at 10 a.m., but he showed up at
10 p.m. I love him! When ODB finally did come up, we bashed in a
couple of cop car windows. He's looking crazy, doing his ODB thing.
Whether he was late or not, he still did his thing and it was my
pleasure ."

The next day, Jim took the Philadelphia collective to the Big
Apple's Diamond District, where they re-created scenes from Keanu
Reeves' "Point Break" for "Criminal Background."

"We did the jewelry heist," Jim said. "You see the dialogue inside
the van. They kick open the van doors, they jump out, they got the
mask on, they run inside the joint. Chris is the lookout; he spits
his verse by the door. I was in there with like $50 million. Each
safe had $10 million worth of jewelry. I was bugging out. Peedi did
his verse in the safe. He had the George Bush mask."

For Monday's shoot, the whole crew went upstate and shot some pickup
scenes for "Want Me Back" but mostly focused on "Temporarily
Relief," which will heavily feature Peedi. In the video we'll see
Crakk as a baller, living in a mansion stocked with cars, women and
a closet full of Nike Airs.

"The production got a little crazy," admitted Jones, but "I'm not
tripping. You got some directors who came up catered in the
directing game, so when things fold, it's hectic for them. Me, I
came from nothing, so I take everything in stride. I'm about my
business. I ain't there for nothing else. You the coach and captain
of the team, so you have to keep it all intact."

With State Property taken care of, Jim is back in the swing of
things with the Dip Set. He's gearing up to shoot a split video for
Juelz Santana's "Down" and "Rain Drops." From there he's going to
direct the first video from Cam'ron's February LP, Purple Haze.
Jones said Cam was still undecided about which song he's going with,
but there was no blackout when it came to generating ideas for a
video concept.

"Toward the end of the summer, there was something that happened in
City that nobody will ever forget in life. Lets just say that Cam
caused that."

Due to his trouble with the law, State Property captain Beanie Sigel
was unable to make any of his team's shoots. It's still undecided
which video will hit the air first.

—Shaheem Reid
(taken from a email from the Club Jay-Z thread: If your not a member already and want to join email me at Futrwrstlr@aol.com and I'll tell you how to)

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