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by kenn on 10/23/2003 08:24:00 AM

Its Our Birthday

Yes, RocaBlog is one year now. Actually it was like last week but I forgot to post it. You guys knew already though. It was all a dream ... to have my own Jay-Z site.

Why did I start RocaBlog? Wallpaper. Well, it had to do with Jayzworld.com, lol. Yes, Over 2 years ago I made some Jay-Z wallpaper [The Blueprint theme that's actually posted above]. I think I emailed or IM the owner of Jayzworld [Focus313] and asked him if he wanted the wallpaper. Lets just say it wasn't posted. If you look at the wallpaper you'll see a blurred out part. That use to say... dun dun dun Jayzworld, lol.

Basically I start RB as a host for my wallpaper. Fortunately it grew to a bigger idea. I wanted a website that tons of people visited everyday. The only thing I knew a lot about was Jay-Z. Believe me I'm not obsessed with him. Sometimes I go to BBSs and see people with tons of pictures of Jigga alone. That's scary, lol. If I saw Jigga on the street I wouldn't die. I'd ask him to sign something and say peace. Then sale it on eBay. I know that famous people may get pissed if you hang around too much.

Anyway, the Jay-Z market was already dominated. By rocafella.com? No [lol]. Yes thats right Jayzworld [Its pretty sad when someone else has a better website for your company than you do, lol. Also making money off of you]. So I used my brain. Why compete with Jayzworld when I can do something different. I'm glad he does what he is doing. Running an audio site can't be that easy. Come on, bandwidth and webspace. Dude has reposted every track on that site more than once. Also that audio is copyrighted. The RIAA must know of this guys, seriously, [The only reason why I don't think they haven't sued him is because the audio format. Its secure. It also promotes. Other than that he'd be getting his ass pounding in jail right now, seriously lol], but that's his beef. So I decided to just do news related stuff.

At first it was really hard. To a point it still is. I use to get only 5-12 day. That was weak. Some people didn't visit everyday either. I didn't break 1,000 until Feb. I think. I can still say I have some great stories. Everything is true that I post, unless it says rumor.

Like I said before I don't want to complete with Jayzworld. That site is still cool. I use it as reference, lol. I don't know what he hell people do with those RealAudio files, lol. You can't burn. Even if you could the quality it ass. Actually I use to convert them then burn them but that was just... retarded. Now I use it as an index. I point my visitor to his site everytime he updates. I'm here to complement him [Focus313]. I once asked to like merge once [or atleast I'd handel the news] but he said no, lol.

I'm just doing my thing. I'm not going to do what he does because he's good at what he does. So am I. RocaBlog has the most updates then any other ROC site. Take that rocafella.com, lol. I have to say Rocafella.com has greatly improved. Greatly! Before the new layout there was nothing but pretty pictures. I'm studing graphic design and I know for a fact they hired some real people [Graphic Design Company] to do that site.

So far there has been 5 layouts. The last version, 4.0, wasn't complete. I think I called it 3.91051, lol. Now I have someone else working on the site, C.S., which helps a lot. No pop-ups. A shoutbox. This site is pimp. I think 6.0 will be out before spring. I want it to be entirely in flash. I'll just refine version 5 to perfection. So I hope you like it because its going to be here for a long time.

A contest is in the works. I just have to figure out the prize thing. So take a look back at "roc-a-blog". Take a look at the site when it was first started.

roc-a-blog v1.0

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